Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blast @Zouk

Lastnight bumped into Zouk.Yea,they asked for my IC again,no doubt.Why they keep ask for my IC?I'm totally legal k?Why they never asked to check my IC when I was illegal clubbed few years ago?Okay,enough crapping,now talk about the party lastnight.

Guess what,mostly of us get drunk,Dorcas was the 1st person who puked,half jug of her puke.Kesian...Our Helenness Bim came and meet us a while then went back to Phuture,nothing much time hang with her lastnight,too bad...Helen text me asked how's Zouk situation,Dorcas help me to replied,see what Dorcas replied Helen,she was in blurring status that time,

"Dorcas was vomited;
Yufie getting high;
Boey is awaking"

Oh man,I'm the best among them,coz I'm still awaking.Haha,so cute our Dorcas...

Lap Sap & Co. presented lastnight,was totally awesome!!!We left around 3am,some incident happened lastnight,but I not supposed to talk here.Everything passed then just forget about it.

Called my honey asked where was her,she was just left Poppy and headed to yamcha session with Wyman gangs.So sad couldn't meet her lastnight.*sobsob*

Adrian was our chauffeur lastnight,but he was a bit blur and high too.Yufie,Dorcas and I were blur on the whole way went back to PJ,dizzy dizzy still dizzy.Once reached 91,get down from car immediately...I was puked.Gosh...How come?I didn't drink much...

What happen next?Yufie and I were sleep dead after that.....LOL

Pictures at Yufie's cam and Jan's phone.Will upload in FB soon,I think tons of pictures we took lastnight.Till Yufie's cam out of battery.WTH...LOL

These are the few pictures took by my W910 in Zouk toilet.

p/s: -babeJ,sorry coz let you worried...ILY^^
-Tiffany Pang Wei Yen,let's club together next time!!! Wahaha!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 more and too more

4 down and 2 more to go,CRM today,
Sec A- bonus marks?free marks for us???
Sec B calculation- My 6marks gone.........
Sec C- crap crap crap till 2 and half pages
My conclusion- No Comment.

Next paper on this coming Saturday and the last paper on next Monday.Gosh...I HATE EXAM!!!
Really killing me,no doubt...

I wanna go Arthur's Day,but Media Planning paper on Saturday morning,ruined my rave party.Ish!!!

For sure,2 more papers and of course
too more plans after exam,
*Club91 Production appreciation dinner
*Babessss outingz
* 3years anniversary celebration with babeJ *wink wink*
*photo shooting
*dating with babeJ (tons of movie wanna watch!!!)
*club club club!!!

Let's talk about yesterday (Wed,23 Sept 2009) outing,

Members: CloverMaa,Tiffanyhoney,Bearbabe,Boeybe
Venues: Puchong Jaya,Kinrara Maa's house,Kinrara Giant Secret Recipe
Time: 9am-3pm

Woke up damn early morning,8am to wash bath brush.After well prepared,I headed to Honey's house to pick her up.Met our Bear driving lonely on the half way.Haa...Reached Maa's house,Bear fetched her and two cars of us headed to Puchong Jaya and had our breki.Bear left earlier right after breki due to her work at 12pm.

So left me,Maa,honey went back to Maa's house after breki and do something that girls will usually do.Chit chat,nail coloring and we rewatch The Day After Tomorrow.A seriously nice movie for me.Maa and honey keep playing their Country Stories.Harvest harvest harvest...steal steal steal...LOL and we found something interesting,a software called JigJag.We keep personalized our own damn funny videos,really laughed our ass off.

Maa asked us accom her to have lunch,so we had our lunch at Kinrara Giant Secret Recipe.Maa and I planning to have our 2nd time Shhh secret piercing.Me and honey left after our lunch.Fetched honey to pet shop,bank,sent her back home and I reached home safely.

Simple and nice outing...but,Happy~

p/s: "ma-li-ma-li-hum~" exam please go away immediately.(I know impossible,fact I still have 2 papers to go)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This post is talking about the things happened after we back from Seremban.Continued.

BabeJ and I reached Serdang around 2am.BabeJ online and me...make noise!!!

The 1st edited picture between us (long long time ago)but I like it...babeJ using it as his laptop's wallpaper.Take picture for sure!

Forgive my STUPID-NESS

Woke up around 11am on Monday morning.The 2nd day of Hari Raya,mum off that day.Had our brunch at home,we headed to Sunway Pyramid and have a shop.For sure my babeJ tagged along.

We had a crazy shopped yesterday.

Bought a bag and a top from Forever 21,BlackEyedPeas latest The End album.BabeJ and I like their latest album.Mum bought few pieces of top,pants,skirt,jeans.Bros bought their favorite,comics for sure.Before we left we had our dinner at Bar-B-Q Plaza.

FULL~and satisfied~

BabeJ hafta rushed back to Kampar last night due to his 3rd paper on this coming Wednesday.Missing him now...When is our next meet?the day after both of us finish our exam.I will going to Kampar next Tuesday.

Can't wait for my sem break trip!!!Please come faster!!!

p/s: my 4th paper- CRM on this coming Thursday. Big Big Sigh.

Happy 21st to Kim SanSan!!!

Last Sunday night,babeJ and I attended Lian San's 21st big day party.Venue at her Seremban Taman Duyung house.

Before babeJ and I headed to Lian San's house,we had bak kut teh as our dinner with aunty which is babeJ's mum.

We reached Lian San's house around 8pm,as usual,eat drink chit-chat camwhore.I like the pizza that handmade by her brother,was awesome! And the birthday cake,I like it,coz it's damn cute and nice.

Pretty Bday girl with us

me and bday girl (I want her 178cm too!)

Group picture (all are babeJ's secondary school friends)

a picture with my babeJ

The prezi bought for bday girl (body scrub+body wash+body lotion)from Etude House

Left around 11pm.2nd round suppose was yam cha session with Ejie,but canceled due to some reason so babeJ and I went to Ejie's house and gossiped.(is babeJ gossiped with Mr Ejie) Hoohoo,who say guys never like to gossip?And me,I had found something that attracted my attention so much.

The dicer that bought by Ejie from Disneyland

Is Nightmare Before Christmas!!! For sure,take it and CAMWHORE!!!

LMAO...Now is my babeJ's turn!!!

And babeJ say : if girl wear it it's damn cute,but if guy wear it many peoples will go and whack 9 him.

Our next destination after Ejie's house,babeJ's house and back Serdang.



Saturday, September 19, 2009

WTF have I done?

What The Fuck Have I Done?

MDAA shit today.I repeat reading the question paper again and again,and my brain came out "WTF?!".I seriously don't know how to answer the questions.4 essay questions totally.

No.1 - Huh?WTF?
No.2 - What's that?Crap lo.
No.3 - Eh...familiar...crap also...
No.4 - agn...WTF?

Conclusion is- WTF?! totally holy crap!!!
I want pass enough,please...Bless me...

After end MDAA shit exam,they suggested wanna go and sing k.So 7 peoples of us which are Maa,Mark,Dorcas,Jimmy,Roy,Huey Yin,me went to Puchong Neway.

Miley Cyrus on the screen

Roy and Huey Yin*peace*

Jimmy and his lovely Dorcas

Mark and my Maa

My foot with my Birken

After finished our sing k session,I fetched Maa back to Kinrara.And some stupid things happened on me...the same incident happened on me twice.I had loss my way.LOL

Sent Maa and lil Chick reach home safely.Headed to Qnail Studio and gossiped with the gangs.Today is Qnail Studio 1st day of opening business.Quite a lot of customers today.
Here I wish Qnail Studio "生意兴隆,大展鸿途"

manicure corner

pedicure corner

Mr.Andy's hand,after finish manicure and coloring.I choose the color for him(is purple+glitter)

Tomorrow morning hafta wake up early,going to Seremban,Kim SanSan's 21st Birthday party tomorrow night.


p/s: babeJ,I coming tomorrow hiak hiak^^

Friday, September 18, 2009

Full of CRAP

Tomorrow MDAA shit,BC students are now waiting for the war tomorrow.And the result,all gonna GG.LOL

I feel damn damn damn sleepy now,but if I really close my notes and go to bed now,I damn fucking sure I will get two words tomorrow - GAME OVER

Me and Yufie get a result just now,see our conversation below:

Boey: Let's use our common sense and fully crap tomorrow!
Yufie: Yeah! Cool! I seriously don't know any SHIT!
Boey: too.
Yufie: When you sleep tell me ya.
Boey: Okay.

The best way ever for tomorrow MDAA exam,LET'S USE COMMON SENSE and FULLY CRAP!!! This is the last result we get.LOL

Maa told me she's having her supper,donut plus soya bean.So am I,I'm having my supper too,but kinda heavy,crab plus "fu zuk yi mei" as dessert,a bit combination.WEIRD.

Went Sunway this afternoon with my babeJ,bought Lian San's birthday prezi.I like the thingy that we bought for her.BabeJ said will buy one for me next time too,hehe^^

Just now played the fortune teller quiz at FB.See what I asked:

"Boey ask to Fortune Teller Genius:

Asked is it we will all GG on tomorrow MDAA exam? and the answer is Only if you want"

Oh I see...I don't want!!! Is it mean that I wouldn't GG?(I know I'm LAME)

p/s: I want alive!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not GG yet

Just back from uni,freaking tired and sleepy.2nd paper today,Screenplay and Scriptwriting.

As my title above I not GG yet,SaS subject considered ok lar...I want B+ enough,of course A is the best always,aiming aiming.

After SaS they go their hot spot again but Helen,Maa and me not following,we want back home and SLEEP!!!Sleep is always the most important activity in my life,those who know me well,you know that I will have a bad headache if not get enough of sleep.(I'm weak.I admit)

A big big paper,MDAA shit on this Saturday.Suppose movie session with babeJ or Quattro night with frens this Friday night,but the MDAA shit spoil my plan.F U!!!I now hafta postpone all my programs.Some more don't know what the F should we study.BC students,just sit and wait for GG.LOL

Yoohoo babeJ coming back today~

Will go for 178cm height tall girl-Lian San's 21st birthday party on this coming Sunday night.

Still sighing...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I know...

Monday,my 1st paper which is International Advertising,feel that I not really did well in this paper,haha.

Woke up at 8am this morning coz the worker will come my house and fix my house autogate.Mum reminded me last night to wake up earlier today to wait the fellow come.So I did what mum's order.Waited the fellow almost half and hour,he reached around 8.30am.

Around 9am,finally,my house autogate FIXED!!!Yoohoo~After that go back my bedroom and continue to sleep.(Yea lazy,in fact,I'm) Sleep til 1pm,woke up and do nothing.Andy text me asked go brunch with him,said okay to him and waited him to pick me up.

Went to Qnail Studio to meet Bong G,after that three of us headed to nearby restaurant.Chit chatting while eating.After finished our brunch,we went back to Qnail Studio to see the shop renovation progress.This Friday night Andy and me might going to Qnail Studio enjoy the pedicure and manicure service(white mouse for the trainee) OMG...just wait and see...

Chatting with babeJ thru msn while blogging here.BabeJ asking me what I want for my very belated birthday prezi.Hubby,you can buy it for me later also never mind.I know you're thinking of what can buy for me as my belated birthday prezi and our coming 3 years anniversary prezi.And I know you really spent quite a lot currently,save your money 1st,buy those prezi later k...I love you much much.Really...

Okay,hafta continue my study-Screenplay&Scriptwriting,2nd paper tomorrow.Hope can do it well.

p/s: happy coz babeJ back here tomorrow night.Waka waka!!!miss him much!!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Bim Bim Pow!!!

13.9.2009-Helenness a.k.a the Bim of our Bimboloves Sdn Bhd two one big day!!!

Went for Helen's two one birthday bash at Redsquare last Saturday night,it was a blast that night.Theme for her birthday bash-Virgin Girl and Mafia Boy.Girls must in white and guys must in black.

Headed to Sg.Besi LRT station to pick up my babeJ around 9pm,he came back from Kampar.Went to Jusco to grab something.Dorcas text me to hurry up.BabeJ and me rushed back home to get prepare.We was kinda rushed but luckily we managed to get prepare just in time.

Headed to Bkt.Jalil to pick Yufie up.She was at T Concert that time.(sorry dear you hafta leave the concert earlier coz we rush in time).Get Jimmy's call,said meet at Sheraton Hotel.Okay,let's go!

Meet Dorcas,Jimmy,Daniel,Jazz at Sheraton Hotel,three cars headed to Redsquare.A big big hug and big big kiss for our birthday girl Helen after reached Redsquare.Group pictures,camwhore,bla bla bla...almost hundred over guests came to Helen's birthday celebration.

We didn't drink much that night coz not enough of liquor.Why I say was a blast?Helen's babyinc.-Louis spent alomost 30k for Helen two one birthday.OMG...700bucks just for Helen's birthday cake,but seriously that cake was so so so awesome!!!(too bad we didn't take a picture of the 700bucks cake) A 3D neverfulls on the top of the cake,awesome!!!

The part we get high,dance with a group of hot and gorgeous girls,phew wiit!

Let's see the pictures...
(I haven get the group pictures and photos from Yufie's camera,coz Yufie haven send me yet,sigh) but I'll upload it at my facebook soon.

babeJ and me,his face became RED after drank few glasses of Black Label

us agn....

on the way back

holding your hand forever*muackz*

Helen two one after party end around 3.30am.Felt hungry,so we decided to have our supper at Imbi.Actually that was not supper but is very very early morning breki,headed to Fei Po Chicken Rice.OMFG ya we really crazy,eat chicken rice at 4am.

From left:Jimmy,Dorcas,Yufie,Boey,babeJ

Three of us...xoxo

Yea our 4am meal(kinda heavy)

The sticker that just specialized for V Girls(purposely printed out by Louis)

The V Girl sticker

xoxo(the quarter of Dorcas face,paisehhh)


Finally,reached home at 5am.No doubt,we woke up late on the other day.Hee...

Happy Two One Birthday Helen Babeh