Monday, March 28, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge hits KL!

The Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge is going to hit KL! By having a cool and inspirational campaign with the Black Circuit Lounge that allows you to experience the lifestyle of Formula One,Johnnie Walker is offering Malaysians the once-a-lifetime opportunity to step inside the ultimate V-VIP race party happening this April the 9th 2011.

Check this video out to know what is the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge all about.

Bold. Stylish. Delivered in Black.

Johnnie Walker,the world’s number one selling red,blue,green,black and gold label blended Scotch whisky and global partner for highly successful Formula One team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes did an after race party experience which is held in Kuala Lumpur last year,you guessed it right- The Black Circuit Lounge! Who else better to throw a race party that the partners of VMM with their amazing values of innovation,winning and of course leadership.

Johnnie Walker is involved in the scene of Formula One,the fastest circuit racing car which also known as the most stylish and sophisticated sport ever!

The highly anticipated by-invitation-only event in the spirit of Monaco will play host to the crème de la crème of Malaysian society and loyal fans of Johnnie Walker.Yeah you heard it right,guests at the Black Circuit Lounge will be treated to V-VIP privileges and a high-flying lifestyle enjoyed by the likes of McLaren Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button,successful overachievers constantly in pursuit of progress so true to the mantra of KEEP WALKING.Who doesn't want to be treated as V-VIP?

Get yourself ready for a massive invasion by hottest DJ Sophia Lin,DJ Bento also known as the creator of Asia's premier all mix party,Hong Kong’s DVDJ I-Tek,and not to forget our very own Malaysian DJ Faith spinning for the A-listers at Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.

DJ Sophia Lin


DJ Bento

Didn't you ever want to experience a party with your fellas in VIP style? The awesome part now comes! TWO best blog post will receive...

a Limited Edition bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label


8GB Limited Edition Chrome USB Drive by Johnnie Walker


8 Exclusive Passes to Black Circuit Lounge

I want the rarest and grandest Blue Label!!! And also the Johnnie Walker chrome USB drive!!! Omg Omg!!! It would be great if I could drag my 8 other friends to step inside the exclusive race party.I could,but to do that I would need to answer a question.

“What have you done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?”

To be honest,I haven't done any achievement in my life,probably there have one so far,the completion of bachelor's degree of mine.After I finished high school,I entered university at the age of 18,started the step of building myself a successful person and a luxury lifestyle in the future.

It's amazing to see how the Formula one drivers are willingly to give their life for a trophy because all this while I was did the same as I spent about 4 years without asked a penny from parental to get a great achievement on my study.All I wanted is what I did throughout these years provide me an easier path to step into a luxury and successful future.Passion is what everyone needed.If you want to be very successful in your field first you need to do is love what you are doing.It is useless if you do something with no soul.

Now I've finally get rid of studies and I'm ready to welcome my working life,time for me to get back into the glitz and glam lifestyle.Sometimes life gets harder but all we can do is 'KEEP WALKING',gone through the obstacles with the passion.

Why I deserve it?Because I was born to deserve it,I was born this way.Cheers~

If you are interested to obtain this exclusive money-can't-buy passes to experience the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge which falls this April 9th,do check out Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook page.Furthermore,get the latest news and updates of Johnnie Walker from there.Get ready for the ultimate party,party-goers!

Always keep in mind,

Fun and Weeeeeeee~

After Jay Chou,and now is Jolin's turn.2011 Jolin Tsai Myself Live in Malaysia and so yeah Im going to her concert this coming June!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Credits to Ooi couple for line up to grab the tickets at LowYat yesterday.

Well,back to the topic.It's been decades I've never buy ticket step into cinema and watch a movie,guess what The Green Hornet was my last movie.Therefore babyboii brought me to movie the previous Saturday night with Davin and also Ben.

Headed to 1U and watched Battle L.A.

If you have seen even the smallest and briefest of trailers for Battle L.A or even if you have seen a single poster for the film,am truly sure that you know the plot.Aliens invade the planet,and the film focuses on the fight in Los Angeles.Everything else is details.

I went in not expecting a great super movie.It was a solid fun two hours and I enjoyed it.Many others will not but for me I looked past the cliched characters to just enjoy the action and the explosions.It was a fun sci-fi action ride I would like to say that.The effects are more or less solid.There are a few moments when the alien CGI looks weird but the shots of L.A burning are fairly memorable.

Go in with high expectations and you may be disappointed but go in with your eyes on some popcorn fun and you will be delightfully surprised.

Dinner at WongKok before the show.

ignoring the boyfie

Don't steal my drink

busybody Tan couple

Last week was really a full-programs-everyday-also-hang out days-week.

Not to forget hang out with Yuf and let's dine at Sushi Zanmai The Gardens with baby and also Sandy.Nom nom Sushi Zanmai is always me and Yuf's fav.

What's so exciting Yufie?

Connaught pasar malam.Sweatballs we were.Met blur queen Moon over there,quite a long time we never ever meet each other.She is still the blur and cute as usual.

Chatime at SStwo Mall after dinner.Oh yeah fyi,after the 1st and 2nd Chatime outlet opened at Pavilion and BTS,and now the 3rd at SStwo Mall.They brought Chatime to a more nearer path to us.I can Chatime more often now since the SStwo Mall is just a few kilometers away from baby's hideout.

Supper at Pelita afterthat.Everyone stunned for what I had ordered.Ta-daa,Nasi Kandar.

I can really eat,don't doubt.My digest system perhaps,I don't know where all the foods gone,I still the wind-can-fly-me-away body eventho I eat much.Baby doubts there have parasites in my stomach.

Welcome back Ben and Shik.Both them were so desperately to come back Kay-Elle,they just can't stand for the bored lifestyle at Kampar coz awesome friends of them are in Kay-Elle oh yeah we are the awesome pi-pou.Ben was happily singing Coming Home from Diddy-Dirty Money.Dinner at Yen Shabu-shabu at Kepong with the peeps.

Fun and joyful lifestyle,I have.

Coming Friday is my first day work oh gosh.Ganjeong-ness attacked.

p/s: I miss Chatime

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Ugly Duckling

Get my on-the-stage convo photos finally,am an ugly duck in the photos.Round face,lil double chin,smile like shiiiiiaaatt,small eyes,not yet get ready and still answering for YB Wee Ka Siong's question,fml.Kill me please.I wanna burn them all,I don't wanna keep any single of them.

Still I need to pay them for those ugly photos,idiot money eating UTAR.

Who's the ugly duckling?Am the ugly duckling.Eff.

Monday, March 21, 2011

St.Patrick's Festival 2011

One of the greatest Irish festivals,St.Patrick's Day commemorates the death of St.Patrick,the patron saint of Ireland.On the St.Patrick's Day which is March 17,millions of people will don green and celebrate the Irish with parades,good cheer,dance the Irish jig and gather to sing Irish songs,and perhaps a pint of beer.Sumptuous feasts,green clothes,frothy delights,joyous merrymaking with friends and family all are parts of this grand occassion.

In Malaysia,Changkat would be a very nice spot to celebrate the St.Patrick's Festival.Tons of people gather at Changkat to feel the joyful and fun atmosphere of the day.So do we.

Went to have a fun night out of St.Patrick's Fest with 3 fawesome guys.This will be a picture-tell-story post.

the entrance

the crowds

there had fireworks show too

Hann Sen the awesome magician,PHAILED

Guinness pint for only RM10

Baby with Chui Ying

Irish jig,a cheerful dance

the 3 fawesome guys

get a polaroid pic for FREE

Guess what,met Nicholas Teo at St.Patrick's Fest 2011 too.Left earlier coz baby of mine can't stand for hot places,sweatball!

See,it's really a picture-tell-story post aite am not lying to you guys.Thinking and squeezing brain juice to talk more about the night but I lack of idea.

That's all for the post.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Finally am home after my convocation ceremony and also mum's birthday dinner,a super tiring day.

Gotta update my blog soon,stay tune for my day with mortarboard and St.Patrick's Fest 2011 as well.

Can you spot me?

Get back to you guys soon.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hollaaaaaaa peeps! Back from XoX for my offer letter agreement,am now officially announce that,I'll be working at XoX Com start from next month.Anyone who working nearby Jaya One feel free to ask me for a lunch =)

Went to petrol station just now before headed to office,guess what I saw?

Yea exactly! A Rolls-Royce Phantom which parked at the petrol pump next to me! This is not the main point am going to share anyway.

The main point is a little story between me and the Rolls-Royce driver.

RR: Moi,you put full tank?
Me: Nope,why?
RR: How much you put?
Me: Twenty. *=.=*
RR: My car full tank already but here left a little bit more,I think around 10bucks.You finish it.
Me: Huh...really?
RR: Ya,just use it.
Me: *Stop a little seonds* Oooohh,okay.Thanks.

Well,I was suppose to put twenty but ended up I have about 30bucks of petrol in my car petrol tank.Cool right?

Check this out! Blurry Boutique.

Their first ad,awesomeness cool!

Do you notice the place where the model surrounded by mirrors and dancing over there,very cool isn't it?Tell you what,that is their fitting room! Love their fitting room since the first time I step into it.You'll fall in love into it too.

Feel free to drop a visit.Located at Bangsar Jalan Telawi 2.You may trace their latest update as well at Blurry Boutique blog.Besides,go click a "like" at Blurry Boutique Facebook for more updates.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recent life

It's been ages since my degree study ended...and...oh-em-gee am so lifeless.Due to the laziness my blog was deserted for a while,I mean already for several days.Don't really have special things to share or should say I actually kinda reluctant to blog as I prefer to lay on my bed or sofa and watch TV drama.

After the disastrous job confirmation waiting period,I really enjoyed myself these couple days to the max,fyi am finally employed and will be start work on next month in case you not yet have my latest update still.I can't barely breathe and sleep well while the days I was waiting for the confirmation.Thanks god I get what I want.Ok back to the point,not to say having fun everyday but am in a relaxing mode for these few days.I slept at 12 or 1 am everyday and woke up at noon.I spend everyday of mine..uhm..sleeping,watching drama,eating nevertheless crapping and hanging out with my peeps and of course my baby.

I figured out something just now.Although its nothing big deal but it gave me a great impact,not even on me but others as well.Can't really describe my feeling as I already thought of the possiblities it may happen but I never knew it was finally happened and comes with your apology.Anyway,I still take you as a friend of mine.

Sorry I skipped quite a lot of events that am suppose to blog,all because laziness.Promise will back to blog often before my working life starts.

Hafta drag myself to haircut and get stuffs needed for this Saturday convo.

Lastly,end the post with my vain camwhore pic =)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm employed!!!

Too happy to announce

I'm employed!!!

Someone please whack me slap me to prove am not dreaming! This ain't a dream,this is real,aite?

First working day,April Fool day.I have about 2 weeks more to enjoy my unpaid holiday still.

I'm not jobless anymore! Wheeeeeee~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hi,childish people!

Childish people post childish thing,they never ever think to being mature.They always think they rich,getting nice stuff,have a nice ride,but too bad they don't even know how to being humble.Pathetic to say in their mind they are always top in the society and others are just a very small little tiny idiot.Don't always talk how good is your fashion sense,don't always show off how smart how rich how bossy you are.Please don't being so materialistic and arrogant.With your partner as well.Think,think! Don't look down on people anymore,humble is always you should be.Put this word of humble in the top of your mind,always remember and do it always.There is nothing wrong with people poorer than you and don't own a nice ride as yours.Don't even try to criticize people if you don't have a nice EQ.Your thinking now are all PHAILED.

p/s: who says there's only you who qualify to wear branded stuffs but others don't???

As the picture above,am laughing you now,kiddo.I've started to feel pity on you.

Don't let people leave you one day.Change now,otherwise get ready for your doomsday.


I know there's sunshine behind that rain,
I know there's good times behind that pain.
I close my eyes and I can see a better day,
I close my eyes and pray~

Tomorrow is the day for my job confirmation,god bless me please.

Fingers crossed and pray.

Hope it really a good news for me tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011




原本男朋友和我并不打算出席这场演唱会,原因是周董在Stadium Merdeka 2007那场根本毫无特别,也不值回票价,简直闲掉.也就在这同时,男朋友在庆兔年的期间竟然意外地得到两张权属免费的演唱会票,哦买嘎真的非常感谢男朋友的表姐夫.



男朋友与我因为持有Remy Martin Hospitality Lounge的专属票,所以当大家都在汗流浃背在排队的同时我们却在几十把风扇之下享用美味的点心跟冰冷的Remy Martin VSOP.


吃饱饱喝饱饱后也是时候进场了,男朋友和我由专人带领以Citybank Express Link skip过万众排队人群直进入演唱会现场 (因为是Remy Martin guest的关系).

由于camera is prohibited 所以paiseh并没有相片提供给大家,不过不过我有偷偷把我的相机带进场,也偷偷地拍了几张.

周董这次的巡回演唱会值回许多票价,简直是赞! 超爱那3D effect简直令我哦嘎,好看好看好看! 可是厚,那个浪花兄弟跟那个 Gary 什么瑞代,啊他们是谁啊?我还是第一次听到他们的大名咧.Paiseh厚我不是周董的超迷,也没有很留意台Pop.

那晚,全场high 翻了.