Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Hub's 22nd Big Day

June 23!!!Today is my dearest hub's 22nd birthday,finally he turns 22 years old lu,22-year-old boy liaw. Happy birthday baby^^

Too bad we couldn't meet each other on his actual birthday but nee-mind my spirit is always together with him.

I decided to threw him a birthday bash in advance,oops not one but three.I was the mastermind and planner for these birthday bash.

1st celebration-Venue at Muse Bar,Jaya One.

Let's the photos do talking.

my loves

Bet x Meng x Bong G x Bou x Yenn

Mr.Tairus n pretty Jing Yu with my hub,hub is wearing the prezi,Fred Perry cap

with his buddy Eejie

"yam seng lei lei lei..."

girls~are pretty XD

Hub with Jynn,Jynn is older 2days than my hub...Miss Lee's face one again blocked by Maa

the typical tree in the middle

mua x dearest Maa Maa

am obviously taller than you Wyman bro XD

Hub says "bei,why you touch your nipple?",I was like lmao

the birthday boy was getting high and dance on the dance floor

loads of love to you

see...he's so happy

An unhappy incident happened during the party,just let it go,don't feel like talk bout it anymore.But,if you still blur what had happened,read my previous post that a big international finger shown.We went to yam cha at PJ Sentosa after the party end.

Behind the scene.The process of my masterpiece on the pizzas.

am look so glamor right?hahaha XD


Second celebration-dinner with hub at Gardens Sushi Zanmai.Just a lil celebration.

my beloved


tell me am cute

is having my dessert~yum yum~

hahahahahaha XD so low marks one...

3rd celebration-plan to give him a surprise! And the surprise success! Hoho^^ I can see how happy is my hub...

But,sorry guys I haven't get those photos from Park.Hey Park,send me the photos once you saw this la,sik do la haha XD

Tairus and Sandy were appointed to help settle everything before I reach Kampar.Thankiu so so much Tairus and Sandy!!!

Hub,here your babybe wishing you healthy and happy always,dreams come true,get a flying color result and grad together with me,become more hype and hype,money money come come! Most importantly,love and care and sayang me more~haha^^

Loads of love

Happy Birthday baby

Happy Birthday baby!!!

Happy Birthday my dearest Hub!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today is a fuck-up day

Today is a fuck-up day...everything came so messy as what we unexpected to be.

Today's plans was suppose to be like this:
wake up-> get myself prepare-> withdraw money at bank-> head to station KTM to buy tickets to Ipoh-> go class-> accom Maa go Ampang Point to collect make up stuffs-> back to uni to try the make up-> recce at Beh's house-> assignment discussion at 91-> back home

A full of programs day.But,not everything come as smooth as we expect.You know,one mess up,the whole rundown would be affected,and end up with a superb messy day.

And,this is my fuck-up today's rundown.
wake up-> get myself prepare-> withdraw money at bank-> found out Maxis barred my service due to my outstanding bill-> U-turn back to Maxis center to make the payment coz I can't make any phonecall-> go withdraw money at bank again-> head to station KTM but fuck! it was raining very heavily,no choice walked through the heavy rain after park my car,my whole body get wet-> go class-> collect equipments but took us almost 45minutes-> rush to Ampang Point with Maa,the worst was both us not really know how to go to Ampang Point,follow the roadsign and call to ask peoples-> finally get there but we couldn't found where's Coffee Bean,we was thought that inside Ampang Point but it's outside Ampang Point actually-> we walked from Ampang Point to Coffee Bean-> both us not yet have our breki and lunch,we were both starving-> the make up supplier was late,oh gosh-> can't wait anymore,went to Oldtown that opposite to Coffee Bean,eating while waiting-> got a bad news recce had been canceled due to some unreasonable matter-> assignment discussion had been postponed too-> we took quite a long time at Ampang so the talent decided to back home before we going back to uni and we unable to test the make up-> make up supplier reach but what we ordered was out of stock,damnit we just can buy another cheaper one to replace-> couldn't do anything coz all mess up like shit,so both us drove back to Puchong and test the make up ourselves-> finally I'm home.

Production start,hope everything will going real smooth.Goodluck my mates! We know we can it great!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eff off!!!

Moron please eff off!!!

Stay tune for more
Update soon

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Eff you Muse! And the bunch of son of bitch,curse you all who ate my cake! Not forget our senior,you bitch never say a sorry to me! The stupid moron who took out my cake,eff you! Use you brain to think la,just take out the cake you bought,not take out all the cakes from the fridge! Last but not least,the brainless who blew the candles of my cake,are you 22-year-old too retardee? Are you named XXX too?Or you serious blind couldn't see whose name on the cake?

Forgive my vulgar,I really mad like hell!

Bong G's birthday celebration

It was our Eunice aka Bong G's 22nd birthday! Hence,we decided to threw her a birthday celebrate at Rico's crib,kinda weird lol.Her own birthday but celebrate at other's crib.It was a rather last minute plan so no choice.

Headed to Bandar Damansara after Boo and I picked the birthday girl up.Was a steamboat dinner.Thanks to Rico's mum for preparing all the ingredients.

After dinner,watched movie at Rico's room.His room like an iceberg that could freeze you anytime."The Coffin" we watched.The bunch of SHs all scream like hell.

Then,serve the cake.Aiya you know right,what else can do?Sing a birthday song,make a wish,cut cake session,camwhore,and eat the cake lol.

Drinking session start! Wee-wang-wang~

And we play SH game as well.

Lastly,we finish all.

We left around 2am.Supper with the peeps at Kepong before drove back to Serdang.

Happy Birthday Zu^^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hennessy Artistry at Zouk KL

Well,is time to post my HA night @Zouk KL since I already get all the photos from Tipa.

I would say that HA at Zouk is much more better than the HA at Opera.Their performers or music perhaps.Or a kinda wide space to let us dance and move around this time?Should be.

Yea still the same as we own media pass like the previous HA.I love the passes this time!

Let the pictures do the talking alright?

was preparing at Tipa's crib

otw to Zouk

the club

4 of us *luv*

met the most hardworking intern Daniel *clap*

our didi...and thankiu for being our driver that night

the media seat

be x Honey x Maa Maa

Maa x Helenness x Bear x Mua

Okay,we not drunk

kena Daniel's video shoot

let's bring the house down!

the crowd

the hyperposer queen...she really darn freaking high that night

rocks the party

see our driver..he was drunk

HA this time was totally awesome than the previous at Opera.At least they did not stop supplying the free-flow.Its really free-flow all night long.The most important DJ Blink was one of the performer that night,you know right DJ Blink is freaking cool and awesome.Seriously he can brings the house down.Party will always be happening with DJ Blink.

We had lotsa fun at HA that night.HA,you rocks!