Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY routine

Hey peeps I'm back!!! After fully enjoyed my one week CNY holiday,is time to blog about my CNY.Nothing effin special during my CNY but I enjoyed it still.

12-2-2010 Friday Nin 29
Last day of work before start my one week off.My boii came to pick me up and we went to have our steak dinner.Catch a midnight movie with the gangs at Pavilion.72 Tenants of Prosperity.

13-2-2010 Saturday Nin 30
Mum flight back to Penang early in the morning while I was still having my sweet dream.Done my nail art at Q Nail and waited sis Alicia to pick me up.Since mum not around at KL this CNY so I 've decided to have my reunion dinner at sis Alicia there.

Yum yum my fav crabs and prawns.Nanny's cook skill still the best.Nin 30 should be the night that everybody having party/gambling/gathering/or etc,but I choose to go bed earlier that night,too sleepy already,whatsover~

14-2-2010 Sunday Chor 1
Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!! Hong bao mana?Everybody's slogan of the day.Woke up pretty early for breakfast and get ourselves ready.Went to catch a CNY movie in the afternoon.Goes Well Ends Well.

No point no climax,I prefer 72 Tenants still.

Babe fetch me to his Seremban house.Dinner with his parent and relatives.Gamling session for the rest of the night.

15-2-2010 Monday Chor 2
Woke up by babe's dad freaking early morning,uncle was so excited to travel to Malacca.After our not-so-heavy breki,off we headed to Malacca to visit babe's releatives.Wan-tun mee as our 2nd breki,Malacca wan-tun mee slightly different with KL wan-tun mee,chili sauce added,okay la still can be accepted.

What's next?Visit house by house.Gambling session,usual CNY activity.Steamboat lunch and dinner with sis P.Fung's in law family at night.Ciaoz back to Seremban after dinner.

16-2-2010 Tuesday Chor 3
Ciaoz back to KL after breki.Meet up with bunch of my gangs at Pavilion.Lunch at Madam Kwan and surprisingly met the real Madam Kwan over there.Walk and window shop around.Not forget to catch a movie too,The Wolfman.

What I can say is,effed up movie,totally effin effed up.Dinner at Yo!Sushi before home sweet home.Don't ever think that we banned all the next round because we tired or lame,we just need enough resting to fully utilize during our 3D 2Ns Malacca trip jek.

Next post-Malacca trip.Will be update soon.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I feel so helpless now...

Anyone,who can help me out of this shit matter?

I know the theory of "different peoples,different perspective",but I just do whatever I like,I'm not those kinda person as what you guys thought.

I've no any blogging freedom,I've to blog optional,so I rather make it private instead.

I stuck in this trouble coz I care your thought,if I'm not,I'll just eff it from this rather.

I'm so sad...right now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Party in da office

My CNY holiday will officially start after Friday,but my company is having party and gambling right now,in office somemore.

Their CNY mood ON till the MAX I think.

Me,one shot of 42Below Vodka+one shot of Bacardi Limon+one shot of Choya (Jap Wine)

I run away from them,I don't wanna drink anymore,I still have to drive back later.

And...tomorrow...will be the same too,I think.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Charity Event @ Zouk KL&Phuture

Went to a charity event yesterday at Zouk Club KL with my boy,Tairus and Karen.A bazaar I would like to say that,selling Streething and also Femmething products,they have auction selling too.Since it is a charity event,went to grab some clothes in order to do charity.Streething at Zouk mainroom and Femmething at Phuture.

I’ve bought some clothes at there too ,Chic Yamada Brenda sexy shoulder off top+freebies heart Chic Yamada tee+Chic Yamada short pants+unknown brand top+a belt = broke!!! Haha XD

My babeJ bought this,400% Be@rbrick & a 100% little Be@rbrick.

Tairus and my boii @ Zouk

Saw a lot of fashionista over there,all hypebeasts.

Found out that I keep buying and buying without realizing.Is time to stop.

Let's show my new clothes.

Dress from Forever 21

Dress+Jeans+Tee from MNG

Short pants from Miss Selfridge

Purse from Charles&Keith

Shoe from Charles&Keith

Shoulder off top+Tee+Short pants from Chic Yamada

Unknown brand top from Zouk Femmething

Dresses from Nichii

A bag from TS


CNY mood totally ON right now.

What I’ve done this few days?

5-2-2010 Friday
Due to Valentine’s day is the same day with CNY,so babeJ and I decided to celebrate our Valentine’s day in advanced.Off to MidValley with babeJ after end work.We both was starving,ignore shopping and dinner come first.Dinner at Sushi Zanmai,yum yum.Shopping after dinner,babeJ bought me a pair of Charles&Keith shoe and I also bought a Charles&Keith purse for myself. *wink*

I do not have a romantic candle light dinner,do not have a banquet of roses,do not have any vacation celebration,but I do appreciate all the time being with you,that’s always the time I need and want.ILY.

Next,yam cha with my gangs.

6-2-2010 Saturday
Yeah,I’ve done my hairdo finally,and my babeJ as well.I’ve dyed and trim my hair,get a new hairstyle and looking forward to the CNY to come.After our hair done,babeJ,Bet and Bou went to Pavilion for their men’s walk.Me?Chilled at Q Nail in order to choose my nail art for CNY.Went home around 5pm and get ready for my night outing.

Headed to KLCC for our shopping spree,dinner and movie session.I’ve bought a top and also a long jeans from MNG.Really enjoy my craze shopping spree lately coz I’ve bought quite a lot of new clothes,but money all gone,pok gai lo.*bleeding*

Shopped till the shops closed,dinner time at The Apartment.

Haha finally,watched My Astro 2010 New Year movie- Tiger Woo Hoo.

Malaysia's product,not a bad one,thumb up for Malaysia production.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Believe In The Ruins

Imma good girlfriend ever.I've up-ed my boy with this kinda stuff


Kazuki Be@rbrick Series 19
Believe In The Ruins

Designed by my boy's fashionista idol Kazuki Kuraishi.

Thumb up for myself yoohoo.

Thanks lotsa to Tairus to help me get this.

Screw it up

I've decided to screw up my Thailand trip!!!

I'm the abnormal one.

Boey Tai Poh Yee is retarded XD

You 're the only reason why I choose to give up.

Just screw it up

Monday, February 1, 2010

Black Ransom

Catch a movie with my gangs again on the previous Friday night at Jusco Cheras Selatan.Before the show,McD as our dinner.

We watch Black Ransom

Black Ransom is one hell of a Hong Kong police flick.It’s all about the GOOD (cops),the BAD (kidnappers) and the UGLY (triad gangs). When we diligently mix these three elements,we get a story on bloody mayhem.It focuses on kidnap and ransom,though strangely,the victim is not the heir to some billionaire,but an important triad member.

Can't use fucked up to describe the movie,it's just not a nice one.The storyline not bad actually,but too many un-logic points.And,Simon Yam couple with Fala Chen at the end of the movie,I was like "what the eff???".But at least the actresses in the film are gorgeously stunning.

And oh yea,I'm so sick of those seafoods aka "lala".I met a bunch of them after I get out from the theater.I really not understand why they like their so called "outstanding" style so much?Their very "outstanding" outfit,their very "outstanding" attitude plus their very "outstanding" action,they really think that they're a bunch of cool and chio bao person huh?Hello,let me tell you bah,YOU AIN'T COOL,at all.So,don't keep and keep to act cool,anymore.Please transform,evolution you need to.