Sunday, October 25, 2009

Party All Night

If we could party all night and sleep all day,and throw all of my problems away,my life would be eaaasy~

Bumped into Zouk last night again,with the same gang but this time got a bit different coz my babeJ and Mark tagged along.Mark was give out his virginity of club *clap clap*

Dinner with my babeJ at home,after well prepared we headed to Yufie's house and picked her up.

Mini Cooper event and Heineken free flow at Zouk last night.All the peoples drank till like no tomorrow.Get tipsy after drank 3 bottles of Heineken,poor me.I can't even walked a straight line,zig zag.

Was in Zouk till about midnight then went up to Barsonic for the rest of the night.Yea,LapSap presented again,was awesome.Yufie and I stand in front of the DJ dais *wolf* LapSap's friend from Jakarta was presented with them last night too.

Went out to parking lot and had our second round liquor session then went back to Barsonic again.Was rain last night,get flu after this,damn.

Left around 3am,went to yam cha at SS2 and had our supper then back home at 5am.No doubt I woke up at 1pm today.

Everyone was enjoyed the party last night.And glad that I didn't puke.BabeJ said he was still awake,can drove safely,haha.

Here some photos took last night.More on Yufie's cam and will be upload in FB soon.Stay tune.

Yufie x Boey x Izy

p/s: impromptu speech tomorrow???Nevous shit.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Went Pavillion with babeJ today for brunch and catch a movie.

Taa-daa...we watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.

Brunch at the Foods Republic after we reached.Then as usual,window shop again.Coz I'm poor lately.BabeJ met with his streething kaki friend,three of us headed to OldTown have a drink and the two dudes chatting and gossiping.Their topics???definitely is streething.So I just keep silent there.=.=

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs,a seriously nice movie,felt so hungry while seeing a lot of yummy yummy foods falling from the sky.Cheeseburgers,colorful jelly beans,jell-o,spaghetti,macaroni,huge meatballs,steaks,sushi............and many many.

Faster go and watch it!!!

p/s:OMG impromptu speech in Public Speaking class tomorrow,GG lo,nervous shit.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Recap: Our K Session


Had a little gathering with my babes and dear Maa for a K session at Neway Puchong,babeJ and sis HuiSan tagged along.

Woke up 11am that morning,prepared ourselves and headed to Neway.7 peoples of us.

Frigging worth it,sang from 1pm till 7pm,student price 10++bucks per pax including a meal and two drinks,and the tidbits we switched them to drinks too,5 bowls switched to 5 drinks.

Tiffany,Bear,HuiYee and sis HuiSan left earlier because they have their own program after that.So the remaining of us which are Maa,babeJ and I continue to sing till 7pm,ngiak ngiak.


They're wearing the same flower print tops

Ah moi,tadak matahari la...

Sis HuiSan*peace*

Lame4 reappear!!!

HHHH without Cherrie.C but Mark VanGawd inside(the phone wallpaper)

Budak ni trying to crack somebody's nail color

Trying to touch her eyelash but she keep blinking her eye.Maa managed to do it finally.

Miss HuiYee singing act.Was so devoted.

Did you realize that got a girl keep make noise and annoy behind?Miss Bear she is.By the way,please give our Miss HuiYee a wonderful clap.*clap clap* She was so devotion and enjoy in every songs.

After our K session till 7pm,fetched Maa home and I headed to KLCC with babeJ.

More K session photos will upload in FB soon.

1st day class today of my new sem,Year 2 Sem 3.Was damn sleepy in the class,feeling wanna go back home immediately and sleep.Gosh,become lazy lately,what to do,just over my 3weeks holiday what...but 3weeks not enough,I want more!!!Arggg...

Happy 3Years Anniversary


Mr.Peejay Tan and Miss Boey Tai 3Years Anniversary day~

I do be with him since 19 Oct 2006..

This is the very 1st picture that prove you fall in love with me *wink wink*

Our 2Years anniversary at Genting

Our 3Years anniversary

I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold

Thanks my love one giving me those happy and sweet moments.I love being with you forever,as you said love is eternal.

You want me to find out what is 11 red roses represented. Now,I know what you trying to tell me,
"red rose represent passion love
11 roses represent you're the only one I love

Love is unexplainable,love is undescribable...

Love you deep deep my babeh

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our 3Years Anni Celebration

Our 3 years anniversary-19.10.2009

Due to babeJ's CCNA Course open class tomorrow,so we decided make our 3 years anniversary celebration earlier,which was yesterday 11.10.2009

He came back KL from Seremban on Saturday night.He asked me to take something for him from his car,Oh-Emm-Gee,what a big surprise for me,I found a bouquet of flower,a handmade card and a bag inside his car.Oh-Emm-Gee once again,you bought me anniversary presents and do the handmade card yourself,you really surprised me,one word describe my feeling on that time-TOUCH

Thanks my beloved babeJ
Sunday,went to Pavillion,had a shopped there.After that we had our dinner at Tony Roma's.BabeJ had book the table earlier for our 3 years anniversary celebration.He also booked the movie tickets earlier too.He planned everything without my awareness,thanks hubby~

Starter-Onion Loaf

His 10oz beef steak

With the cheese topping

My grilled lamb chop

Dinner at Tony Roma's,slurp slurp.After dinner,movie time.We watched Surrogates.

You gave me a memorable 3 years anniversary,you brought me many surprised that night.Your handmade card,11 red roses,a bag,a dinner,a celebration.I really feel touch and happy.I Love You, Mr.PeejayTan!!!

Thanks for being with me these few years,I do appreciate the times and moments being with you,thanks for your caring,your protecting,your pampering,your accompany,your love and your everything.I promise you I will love you and stay with you forever.

I Love You

p/s: Photos more on Facebook.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Recap: Bet 21st Lil Celebration


Bet Two One big day,we had a little celebration for him at Qnail Studio.

Had my dinner at home,waited Mario came and pick me up.

My second round dinner there,pizza and KFC.My stomach fulled of foods that night.

Just randomly upload some pictures took that night.

I know we're bad,bought him a mooncake as his birthday cake,haha XD Bet straight fcuk while he saw this.
Bet: "What the F is this?!"

Candid his nerdy look,laughed our ass off.

Yet another candid of his blowing look.

I know he very unwilling to cut his mooncake,haha!!!

He unwilling to accept the fact of his birthday cake is a mooncake actually.

Do they look like KLCC building?From left: Jasone x honey Tiffany x Andy

Bet,is the time to start diet lo,don't keep fatter and fatter anymore,don't eat two sets of MCD for your lunch,although you keep saying that your fatty look is cute.Haha~

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I break wind= I bullshitting= I crapping,coz I have nothing to do right now.

Tuesday night,msn-ed with my honey Tiffany.Asked her got any nice western restaurant recommend.Then,both us starting bullshit conversation.LOL

T.iFFany says:
or prepare dinner at home la

Bo_Ey says:
at home???
T.iFFany says:
cook sama sama
put candle
Bo_Ey says:

den eat 2gather with my mum n bros???
T.iFFany says:
u all eat in ur rum la
Bo_Ey says:

T.iFFany says:

call them X disturb
Bo_Ey says:
is it cook ad den take go upstair my room?
summore put candle oso
later i sure sing Fire Burning den sumbody call 911
T.iFFany says:
anniversary try sumthing special or nv try b4 la
Bo_Ey says:

do sumthing special or nv do b4???

bungee jump ar???
T.iFFany says:
i mean d meal la
Bo_Ey says:
T.iFFany says:

38 po
Bo_Ey says:
wad meal...
oo ya

i nv try eat at mamak on my anniversary
(For sure,I bet myself I will definitely and frigging confirm that I wouldn't eat at mamak on my anniversary day,want me eat at mamak on my 3YEARS ANNIVERSARY DAY???NO WAYYYYY!!!)

Finally,I still haven found out that which restaurant should I choose for my anniversary celebration,I just keep talking bullshit with my honey,alamak~

Never mind,babeJ told me he already plan and decided where to bring me go for our anniversary dinner on that day,just wait and see~

p/s: can't wait for the anni celebration day coming~
And paiseh honey I copied down our conversation and blog it here...Haha XD


Monday, October 5, 2009

Pak-Toh-logy day

Went to MidValley with babeJ yesterday.Yet another our Pak-toh-logy day~*wink wink*

I will never free while babeJ is driving...everytime.Coz that is always my camwhore time!!!

Reached MidValley around 5pm,the 1st thing we hafta do is buy movie ticket.And we chose to watch this>>>

Finally finally finally I watched the movie"Where Got Ghost?"

Ranking to this movie,ok ok nia...but quite funny and the spirit of the mother really scared me few times.WTH

Before the show,we headed to Subway at the Gardens to fulfill our empty stomach.Symphony orchestra was performing their show inside(inside jokes) LOL

After our Subway slurp slurp dinner,babeJ and I hang around in the mall.

Yummy yummy greentea ice-cream that bought at Shojikiya.Thanx babeJ coz treat me this.

His noobie look-a-like.LMAO

The show finish around 11.30pm.Is time to go home now.

Supper before home for sure.BabeJ and I headed to mamak that nearby my house.Sup kambing again,3 days straight I ate sup kambing as my supper,no doubt.

Back home and continue watched drama "You're hired" till I cant afford my eye heaviness and my energizer out of battery need to recharge,therefore the sleeping pig reappear.

1st p/s: Had a bad hair day...MESSY!!! *sigh*

2nd p/s: Happy 21st Birthday to Bet!!!

3rd p/s: 3 years anniversary coming soon~*wink wink*