Saturday, May 28, 2011


Not a happy weekend


Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's ironic, I'm a single lady for a week. The feeling not good, and am not enjoying it thou. It's damn pathetic when everytime thinking of what to eat tonight especially when you are alone.Yea indeed you can eat whatever you want coz there's no other's feeling you need to take care of,you might enjoy it at the first two days but not the following.The scenerio of eating alone in a lonely room,sucks till the max.I was repeating go to the same restaurant to take away after I off from work almost everyday.Okay,seriously one week is enough!

I used to be with him everyday,for almost 5 years,am like a princess always under his protection.It's good when someone is willing to protect you,he will makes your life easier,help to solve all of your problems,make you live happily with no any worries,he will try his best to achieve your wishes,brings you to the places you want to go,buy you the foods you want to eat,he never ever says a no.

But sometimes the stupidity of the princess could drive him insane and eventually get screwed by him.Somehow,I would rather show him my stupidity now coz I hate to be alone without you!

You better come back asap I tell you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Lee

Happy Birthday Our Dear Babe HuiYee

xoxo from Maa,Tipa,B,Bear

We love you forever.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know I shouldn't,but it has indeed beyond control.

I'm about to let you know,you've successfully made me confuse,you've successfully made my day to black and white,you've successfully did something,you've successfully bring me the impact,which all of these are out of my expectation.

Perhaps,this is just a dream,not a sweet one but a bittersweet.I fall deeper yet it gets bitter and sweeter.Nobody knows when is the dream end,even me.You the only one who can start and stop the dream.So may I ask,will the dream goes on?I would sacrificing something willingly to get the dream keep goes on,please,allow me to do that.

Perhaps,I think too much.Start from the beginning,this is just an one man show.

I need an answer.


Monday, May 9, 2011


A flawless girl,can I?

I wish to...but sometimes thing turns otherwise.

Some flaws that will never gone.Sometimes I really wish I can just wipe them out from my body,it should have takes a long time I believe,perhaps a year?couple years?or just stay there forever?Nobody knows.

Well,god is fair like always do.Nobody is flawless.Life ain't easy,so eventually you yourself have to figure out your best way to live life happily.

Before I end the post,

Kindly click the link above,not virus no worries.Overdue and it was finally up.

Astro Nextgen Contentpreneur Awards 2010 - Revolutionary Documentary : The Forgotten History of Sybil Kathigasu.Ours!

And and and,why the fuck the weather is so damn freaking super duper extremely HOT?! Tell me,who can tahan the heat please raise your left hand right hand left leg right leg up! Is like oh mai farking gawd am melting! Eventhou I was in an aircond place,but I felt nothing,I was literally sweating! Please,rain.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Busy life keep me alive

Time flies indeed,its been 5 weeks I've worked in XOX.Everyday repeating the same routine,it's real I REPEAT,THE SAME ROUTINE.Wake up-shower-breki-office-lunch-back to office-dinner-home-shower-FB and/or drama-sleep.The weekdays daily routine that never change.

Busy life keep me alive.Started busy on my work.Meeting with clients,preparing power point slide for projects update,departments meeting,presentation in meeting,agreement and management paper preparation all that,it partially took my day.But yet,I've learned a lot from my work and job,I have to be more real hard than others coz I'm not from business base but I'm currently doing business development job,perhaps I'll into another field few years after,event will do since this was the previous field I joined and did.Besides all these,I'm fond of the bunch of my colleagues and the bosses,they're just so nice and friendly,not to mention they willing to teach me whatever they know,I was so fortunate of having all this.

Sometimes I wish to go back Serdang my home so badly after work,but the traffic congestion problem bother me still and it really stopped me of doing that,plus the mental tiring.Therefore I only get to go back home on weekends.But something bother me when I'm home.There have no curfew set on me,mum doesn't really restrict me from hanging out but her act certainly seems I'm not that allowed.Everytime I'm out and I don't know why something weird thinking make me feel guilty sometimes.

Busy life at least keep me away from thinking nonsense stuff,it's a good thing to have your mind focus on many stuff but not just looking at one which will torture your mind and soul.As per normal,girls like spending and buying as it's girl's nature.Spending and buying stuff can keep a girl happy without doubting,is like our stuff will never ever get enough,the mind of keep adding new stuff into your wardrobe and accessory box is just so desperately.But but but,stuff never be enough yet,money not enough.That's why everybody struggle to work,work for money.No work no money,work more but probably money not get more,agree?

That's all for the post.

p/s: don't scold me that I not yet post out the H-Artistry night.Wait~patiently.

And oh ya,

Happy Mama's Day

Love you Mummy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Working adult read this!

返工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
日出而作 搏一搏 我架單車都變麾托
睡眼惺忪9點鐘 記得起身返工
個個都要返工 返工先唔使窮 證明你有用
第1個鐘輕輕鬆鬆 等第2個鐘
第2個鐘去site visit 順便去埋game zone
第3個鐘打電話 打成個鐘至接通
入廁所沖嚇沖嚇 又釣魚中嚇中嚇
拿杯咖啡沖嚇沖嚇 沖嚇沖嚇沖嚇沖嚇
個個睇住個鐘 個個等放工
你老闆唔鍾意你 你唔鍾意份工
鬼叫你鍾意份人工 咁就冇野需要理
返工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
打卡最型 打極唔停 打少一成會雙目失明
番工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
日搏夜搏先發覺 最鐘意讀書返學
永遠就o黎遲到 班地鐵一定趕唔到
好彩第一個返到 老細又睇我唔到
掃把話唔夠數 出o黎捉人去跑數
跑極都係唔夠數 份人工又唔巖數
詐病請病假 又要付出代價
好彩呀邊個有醫生紙明碼實價 仲要做緊特價
費時返到公司 好似隻死屍
放工去開p 點知要ot
返工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
(喂 今晚我要早走呀 可唔可以幫嚇我手呀)
番工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
(尋晚我都冇走 點打卡嗜)

If you're a working adult like me,pretty sure you know how's the feeling,aite?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bold. Stylish. Delivered in Black.

It was HAWT that night!!! Spot me if you can,I was in the video just a second.

Next update,Hennessy Artistry at The Opera.

Sorry for my non-productive.Trying to drag myself to blog.