Wednesday, August 25, 2010


First of all,congratulation to our babe Bear,babe Jess and her darling Jynn!!! Congrates and happy graduating to all of you.

I can't imagine I went to a same event at the same place but in two different days.But everything is so worthful.After suffering for four years of study,it's so glad when seeing the mortarborad on their head.Soon,next March my turn!!! Wuahaha xD

It was not only their convo but was our hang out days too~coz there will have our second third forth round.

Day 1,Saturday morning section.Miss Lee and Mr.Jynn's convo.

Nah,your flower ar...

Miss Lee obviously gain weight already huh xD

with Jynn Erica

with the funniest couple

Day 2,Sunday noon section.Miss Bear's convo.

met Bim Dorcas and Thomas

she request for our kisses

Group picture

Oh ze cute little Ern Ern

Met a lot of our foundation friends too.Sorry yea lazy to upload pictures already.Please view my FB for more pictures.Thankiu^^

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


God damnit!!!

Watch 4 movies in a night and crap 650 words out.

650 words not a big prob,the main prob is how am I going to watch 4 films in a night?

Im gonna die man seriously!

Well,fyi am still struggling hard for my assignments.

Will be update my blog within these few days.

p/s: give up.....can I?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Expendables

Watched The Expendables yesterday.

Directed by Sylvester Stallone.Seriously quite a decade he never shows his face on screen already.Quite expecting before step into the cinema.But end up like uhm....shit.

The Expendables,nothing special,bad storyline,bad screenplay.Overall,they just showing off their stars,their muscle,their bodyshape,their branded stuffs and so on.

Cannot deny the fact that they really use a lots of stars,such as Sylvester Stallone,Jet Li,Jason Statham,Steve Austin,Terry Crews,Bruce Willis,Arnold Schwarzenegger and etc etc etc,but seems like a waste,the storyline perhaps.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Quarrel with you on the few days ago,but luckily it only last for 15minutes.

Thanks for pampering me always.

Listen to the song that you dedicate to me when we were in the mad mood that night.

与你艰辛 都感到幸运
对我关怀 是细心如尘
照顾我 作出牺牲 明白你苦心

爱你 一人 不忍去胡混
看过去 太多人 在世间浮沉
看见你弱质纤纤 谁愿意残忍
想一天 大眾羡慕 欢欣的女人

求信任我 如最初 无论争吵都有几多
面对身边人流穿梭浮游 為你亦不哀求
求信任我 如最初 从未会外出惹祸
没有花心寻求 愿细水长流
就算尽失自由 都不想悔疚

信我 依然 坚守这名范
你信我去耕耘 為你的良辰
赶通宵 瞬即归家 无用你呆等
得忠心令你活著 得到温暖感

求信任我 如最初 无论争吵都有几多
面对身边人流穿梭浮游 為你亦不哀求
求信任我 如最初 从未会外出惹祸
没有花心寻求 愿细水长流
就算尽失自由 都不想悔疚

世界风波 安守你附近 
最怕分离 是这麼流行

Saturday, August 7, 2010

July Babies

Intro the other two July babies!

Dorcas and Mr.Quek!

Dorcas's 23rd at Garden Cafe.

As usual,the birthday girl was late again.The rest of us were fungry while waiting for the princess.Once the birthday princess came,don't say anything first,let's order,stomach is more important,LOL.

Yes Mark,anything?

Tina x Dorcas x Mua x Yuf x Maa

We love Pin Hole much!!!

Serve the cake

I was shocked when Dorcas said,"Boey Boey come!",I was like,huh what happen?And I get a big big surprise! It was my belated birthday celebration! Oh yeah celebrate together with Dorcas.Happy me sial~

Prezi giving ceremony

Bimboloves (Where's Helen?)



We adjourned to Sanctuary after dinner for the second round.

Thanks lotsa for the prezi^^

The second birthday bird,Yuf's bitbit aka Mr.Quek's 24th at Seoul Garden.

have you ever drink Vitagen like this?

let's eat!!!

see the chicken,like a G-String

Yufreak and her birthday boii


Happy Birthday Quek^^

"Someone threw a shirt to me" he said

Last but not least,Happy 23rd and Happy 24th to Dorcas and Quek!!!