Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at Singapore

Christmas already over and now waiting for new year to come.Actually I'm kinda lazy to blog about my Singapore Christmas trip but due to I'm waiting the photos to be uploading in FB so I blogging here.

Had a great time at Singapore with my babeJ and his beloved family.24-12 Christmas eve day,headed to KLCC to pick P.Huah sis after she knocked off then off we back to Seremban.Take a rest at babeJ's home,we depart at 12am sharp from Seremban and off to Singapore.After 4 hours journey and finally we reached SINGAPORE!!! Headed to Eunos which is babeJ's 2nd sis's home.We stayed at her new bought home for these few days.Received our Christmas gifts from P.Fung sis,thankiu so much sis.

1st day-Merry Christmas!!!Yoohoo had our awesome Christmas brunch at home.

Get prepared after brunch and off we go hang out at Singapore.Singaporean's lifestyle-shopping.There really have darn many shopping centres in Singapore,no wonder why Singapore have many rich ass as what my honey said.

And due to Orchard Road closed during Christmas season so we took MRT.SMRT is much more better than our Msia KTM and also LRT seriously,convenient,punctual,safe,fast,clean.

Bathing Ape Store@Mandarin Gallery

A darn funny story behind: I asked my babeJ took a picture with his idol Jay Chou's poster,a china woman passed by and stare at him,the woman says,ooh look alike.We was like ewww haha is it Tan Peejay really look alike with Jay Chou huh???See the picture,babeJ was so paiseh.

Lazy to give caption on every single picture so I just list down where we went on our 1st day
-Ion Orchard
-Orchard Rd
-Takashimaya (high end shopping centre)
-Mandarin Gallery
-Raffles City

2nd day-Was almost the same hang out at shopping centres again.


Bugis Street (looks like our Petaling Street)

The most enjoyable thing,back from outside,have dinner,take a shower,change your pyjamas,and lie down watch TV.These what we did.We off all the lights and watched Phobia 2,make it a mini theater.

The places we went on 2nd day
-Bugis Village/Bugis Street
-Junction Mall
-Far East Plaza
-Marina Square

3rd day-Woke up pretty early,went to Ikea after breki.We was playing and fooling around there.

Took our lunch at Ikea Restaurant,errmmm yummy Sweedish Meatballs and my tomato soup.

Is time to go home,we left Singapore at 2pm to avoid traffic jam.Felt hungry in the evening so we make our way to Malacca to have dinner.And finally we reached home at 9pm.Stay over night at babeJ's home and went back to Serdang another day.

More photos on my FB.View at there if you want to.Thankiu.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

23-12 outing

I've substantially spend my yesterday with an outing with my babeJ and his friends.Our 1st station-Sg.Wang.

Let's the pictures tell the story coz I'm rush in time.Sorry^^

Had our brunch at KimGary.

Shop around at Sg.Wang,accom Cia Hee to have her craze shopping spree.

Girls crazy shopping so what guys did?

Ta daa...sit and wait.

Off to Pavillion for our dinner and movie session,and also Cia Hee's shopping spree.

Dinner at Dragon-I since the guys was so craving for xiu lung bao.Spent us 3oobucks for our dinner lastnight.

Waiting and to be seated

The show at 12.3oam so we went for a drink before the show at Spaggio Bar.

Hoegaarden anyone?

10 persons tix

Forget to tell what show we watched.Avatar it is.

Written and also directed by James Cameron.Oh-mai-gatt James Cameron you really fucking awesome man,few years ago was Titanic now is Avatar.Avatar frigging nice movie seriously,an excellent one.It's 3D animated but we chose to watch in normal version.Will going to watch 3D version next time.Pandora,is it really exist?

p/s: Merry X'mas everyone!!! Have a blast^^