Monday, March 29, 2010

Mac Mac Mac

Time flew~~~so fast.End of March liaw.

First of all,my internship is going to end soon.Hence,my holiday start.Yippee!!!

It was a very outdated outing,sorry I forget the date liaw.Catch up a movie Alice In Wonderland with babeJ and my gang at Sunway Pyramid,after our seafood dinner at Telok Gong.

I love the cartoon version Alice In The Wonderland since I was a child,so of course I love the movie version too.Alice's skin really god damn fair man.Red Queen is my good friend,both us have common ground.Guess what,her bloody love shape big head lol!!! Coz am a lady big head too,just without a love shape nia.LOL

Don’t feel like crap more.So make it short and easy.Simple post.

Celebrate mummy's birthday on the day before Hennessy Artistry.Brought mummy to have a romantic steak dinner.Bought mummy a birthday cake and prezi too.Happy birthday mummy,heart you!!!

Wedding dinner at Seremban on last-last Saturday.See the little cute baby,Princess Karen^^ she is so adorable.



Movie time on the previous Saturday night at IOI,Just Another Pandora’s Box.Overall to this movie,no comment,but god damn funny.

And,new baby.CK Limited Edition make-up set *evil grin*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bear's 22nd Bday Celebration

Our lady Bear turn 22 lo!!! Therefore,we as the part of her babes decided to celebrate her 22nd big day with the birthday girl.And forgive us coz it was a belated celebration,it’s really hard to gather everyone in a time.Fact,it’s hard to suit everyone’s time.However,we were trying our real hard to squeeze out our brain juice and plan a perfect celebration for the babe bear.Perfect or not bear only you got the right to judge it.

After our much debating,we finally decided to dine at a Thai cuisine named Funky Villa that located in Cineleisure.Nice interior plus nice foods.A really nice place to have a beer or cocktail,sip it slowly while chill out with your buddies.The first three pic steal from other blogger.

Nice background


Seems like Ed Hardy's masterpiece huh?

With my lovely Honey


Group picture @Funky Villa

Our second round were supposed to go Laundry but FULL,so we headed to The Library instead.Football match on that night,Man U vs Liverpool,and obviously the guys (babeJ n Jynn) impossible to miss out the supa dupa big match.The main purpose we headed to The Library for second round was to let the two supa football fans watch the football match,so the rest of us camwhore and chit-chatted at the other corner.

I love this!!!

Me x Maa

You block me

Ok,I block you back

The 22 cupcakes.Maa and I were farking want to chop the bear’s head down.

Bear,hope you enjoy the night with us.Heart you!!!

Our every single gathering mean a lot to me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rocks the Hennessy Artistry @Opera 19.3.2010

First of all,thanks to Helenness for the passes.

Right because am holding media passes and have to attend the press con at 7.00pm,my boii pick me up from office at 6pm,I was kinda rush but luckily we still managed to get there right on time.

Photos before we get into the press con.See,billboard that showing her big-date.


Be x Na x La

How I get my passes from

On da way to Press Con

Press Con at the 2nd floor of Opera

What I can say is,press con was bored.However,saw a lot of DSLR kakis over there,all holding their DSLR capture this and that.We decided to left the press con earlier,went to dinner instead.

Me and birthday girl

Miss Lee Hui Yee and ma BabeJ

BabeJ and me were suppose to go to second floor of Opera because both us were holding media passes,however we choose to stay at normal passes area.The party will become meaningless if without my babes companion,that’s why I choose to stick together with them.

Best part ever!!!It was free-flow all night long!!! Eh wait,cannot say it was all night long,actually the free-flow session till 12pm only.Drank nonstop from 9pm till 12pm,am now totally in love with their signature Hennessy Apple.Tried also their two brand new long drinks Hennessy Citrus and Hennessy Berry.

Heart you the most baby

Bro P.Yuan said I photosensitive,do you think so?

Yea,I think I'm...photosensitive

Oo my chubby baby,looks so cute^^ From left: Jess x Bear x Mua x Dorcas x Yufie

Heart this picture the most

Sexay baby Yufie..."I'm not ready yet" she said >.<

Us with Jason the photographer also my ex primary classmate

With Eddie the photographer also my Honey's deepest secret friend LOL (Don't smack me after see this)

With Archie the photographer

First performer – Bunkface.
Ok,forgive me to say that am not so familiar with their songs,I just knew one,Through My Window.That’s all.

Second performer – Shawn Lee.
Shawn Lee,you’re such an awesome beatboxer.Your beatbox skill really farking caught my heart.

Third performer – DVJ G Mix.
The climax began.Happening part started.All the peoples get high and dancing like mad.

Last performer – DJ Sarasa aka Siverboombox from Japan.
I’ve no idea how was her performance,I really don’t know how she rock the party.Just because I’ve already went out and take a breath,I think I will suffocate if I still stay inside,it was farking crowded and hottt!!! Plus,Miss Lee Hui Yee puked once again since her last time puked at Quattro.

Overall,I really had fun with big bunch of them in Hennessy Artistry this year.

Last but not least,props to the three pro photographers coz busy capture down every single moments,thankiew.

H-Artistry,you was rrrawesome!!!