Friday, December 7, 2012


There is some immature fella around you I believe,at least one or two,am wonder why?Of course I would certainly say me no any exceptional,am indeed surrounded by a few idiots,so super sorry no offense their immature mind lead them to idiot actions were truly made me feel like slap them.

Don't judge if you do not know anything,don't come out those idiot statement that doesn't make sense.And,backstab is a big NO,I met peoples who like to backstab and soon instant karma in return,what goes around turns around,why backstab?

Jealousy will only bring you down,it doesn't helped.Stop being such immature,you not a kid anymore,time to grow up.Nobody wants to take a shit on you,potato.Don't immitate and stop bullshit in front of me,you not a celebrity,nobody cares.

*smack smack smack*
Blog,thanks for being a place for me to release the madness.I know you've been neglected,only manage to visit you once a while or should say occasionally when party/event blogpost requisition came in,shooooo sorry.