Sunday, December 25, 2011

Im still loving you

Why did you tear my heart apart
You said you love me from the start
All those painful things you've put me through
But I'm still loving you...

Merry Merry Christmas!

Joy to the world,the Lord is come...Guess what it's Christmas time! And I always love Christmas,a full of blessing feasts.Im here at Singapore again to have my Christmas celebration,an amaze-ing Christmas!

Surprised from him,my merry Christmas gift! Burberry smoked check wallet,so lovey dovey.

It's time to get my arse off to doll up and change.Merry Christmas peeps! Have a joyful one.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Biggest Hennessy Artistry Party in 2011

Well,guess what kinda good news am going bring to you all peeps! Ta-daa! Ready to get youselves grab a glass of Hennessy VSOP and brace yourselves for the biggest ever Hennessy Artistry party in 2011.You heard it just right,after six record breaking and unforgettable parties this year,it has all come down to this. The party to end all parties,the holy-grail of all Hennessy Artistry events,and the promise to 'mix it up' even bigger and bolder,the BIGGEST HENNESSY ARTISTRY "The Global Art of Mixing" party of 2011 will be descending upon the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) at Mines Resort City on 12 November 2011.Once again the Hennessy Artistry party finale at MIECC,oh gosh it was a year ago we went there for Hennessy Artistry finale of 2010,fact time flies.

With an expected crowd of more than 4000 party-goers,the annual Hennessy Artistry highlight event looks set to create waves all across the country as fans can look forward to being treated to one incredible night where sights,sounds,and tastes collide to form an eclectic and explosive clubbing experience.

Revellers can also expect the MIECC to be completely transformed into one enormous superclub with a classy world class set-up where revellers can expect to be blown away in what will undoubtedly be one of the largest and most sophisticated clubbing events the country has ever seen.

With the set-up featuring countless plasma screens displaying head-turning visuals and futuristic bars that will be serving delectable concoctions of Hennessy VSOP signature long drinks.A new addition of Hennessy VSOP long drink which is Hennessy Soda omgomg am gonna try this out! Believe there will be on one would want to miss all these.

And as previous years around this time where Hennessy Artistry's famed interactive arena - the Hennessy Mixing Zone,is elevated on to a whole new level,2011's biggest bash will be no different.Expect more Hennessy Interactive Photowalls that is sure to keep revellers busy before the party begins.

The artiste line ups will be announced on soon,so stay tuned to find it out!

For more info and details on how to obtain passes to the upcoming Hennessy Artistry 'The Global Art of Mixing' party at MIECC,do not hesitate visit the official Facebook fan page at Alternatively to receive updates about the latest artiste line-ups follow Hennessy Artistry on Twitter

The Hennessy Artistry party in MIECC is strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only.

Get yourselves ready to bring the Hennessy Artistry floor down!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Show face

Well,it's been a while I didn't show up my face here,too little time but too many things to do,so what to do huh?End up neglect my blog and let it fulls with spider web.

Surrounded by different kinds of problems, there are just so rolling in the deep.Finger crossed and pray real hard for a great outcome,please.

Saw it posted by someone in FB,kinda true and agree with it.

"When a guy told you "I didn't mean to hurt you",he actually telling that he doesn't want to put any responsiblity on it."

Ok,is time to get my ass off to work.

I think I seriously need to make my blog back to alive,agree?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011







I don't wish it just a dream.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hennessy Artistry storming once again!

The country’s number one clubbing phenomenon, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ will be storming through a further two cities on July 6 and 9 after having already conquered three cities this year. This time round, Hennessy Artistry returns once again to Penang (Sixty9ine Mansion, Batu Ferringhi – July 6) and Kuala Lumpur (Mist Club, Bangsar – July 9).

Its famed interactive platform, the Hennessy Mixing Zone will also mark its return and will feature four fun, engaging and experiential zones:

Hennessy Mixing Bar that will leave guests awestruck and craving for more.

Hennessy Music Mix Synth where revellers will be given the chance to create their own tunes by selectively choosing to place 15 circular cubes on a react table.

Hennessy iMix Challenge an area where party-goers can try their hands at Hennessy’s newly developed iPad game which requires guests to slice up ingredients which are found in Hennessy V.S.O.P’s signature long drinks.

Hennessy Interactive Photowall where revellers can enhance their photos digitally by choosing and inserting different visual backgrounds and shout out phrases.

On the music front, the event will see a blend of musical talents from Malaysia and Denmark belting it out on a night that promises to be bold, daring, and fresh, ultimately, culminating in a blend of urban sounds and cultures.

Headlining the line up at the upcoming Hennessy Artistry party is German electro/house duo, the Beautiful Beat Girls.

Staying true to Hennessy Artistry’s innovative approach in blending musical genres of the East and West, the upcoming party will also see Malaysia’s very own acclaimed singer-composer Reshmonu take on the famed Hennessy Artistry stage.

Joining him on the Hennessy Artistry stage is Malaysian progressive trance group TRIMIX. For the duo (Droolotte Tasha and Samuel Dan), TRIMIX symbolises the mixture of three different compounds into one, resulting in an ecstatic result.

Passes to the Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties are by-invitation only. To stand a chance to be invited to these upcoming exclusive events, visit Hennessy Artistry’s official Facebook fan page to register. Registrations close 1 week before the actual date of the first event.

Alternatively to receive updates about the upcoming parties follow Hennessy Artistry on Twitter. Both the Hennessy Artistry parties in Sixty9ine Mansion & Mist Club are strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

See you there!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


~Welcome i4 white~

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Still in mind

Can't wipe it off

Can't let go

Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Weekend

Busy weekend ahead,am so busy busy busy no joking.

Weekend to-do list :-
- moving house
- work OT
- fetching mummy to KL central,sobsob she's going to Penang and Thailand without me again
- Castaly's wedding ji muis preparation
- Castaly's wedding day
- I want have my hair dyed and hair cut!!!

Time not enough.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Wish to rewind


let the story goes on,at least...


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Not a happy weekend


Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's ironic, I'm a single lady for a week. The feeling not good, and am not enjoying it thou. It's damn pathetic when everytime thinking of what to eat tonight especially when you are alone.Yea indeed you can eat whatever you want coz there's no other's feeling you need to take care of,you might enjoy it at the first two days but not the following.The scenerio of eating alone in a lonely room,sucks till the max.I was repeating go to the same restaurant to take away after I off from work almost everyday.Okay,seriously one week is enough!

I used to be with him everyday,for almost 5 years,am like a princess always under his protection.It's good when someone is willing to protect you,he will makes your life easier,help to solve all of your problems,make you live happily with no any worries,he will try his best to achieve your wishes,brings you to the places you want to go,buy you the foods you want to eat,he never ever says a no.

But sometimes the stupidity of the princess could drive him insane and eventually get screwed by him.Somehow,I would rather show him my stupidity now coz I hate to be alone without you!

You better come back asap I tell you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Lee

Happy Birthday Our Dear Babe HuiYee

xoxo from Maa,Tipa,B,Bear

We love you forever.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know I shouldn't,but it has indeed beyond control.

I'm about to let you know,you've successfully made me confuse,you've successfully made my day to black and white,you've successfully did something,you've successfully bring me the impact,which all of these are out of my expectation.

Perhaps,this is just a dream,not a sweet one but a bittersweet.I fall deeper yet it gets bitter and sweeter.Nobody knows when is the dream end,even me.You the only one who can start and stop the dream.So may I ask,will the dream goes on?I would sacrificing something willingly to get the dream keep goes on,please,allow me to do that.

Perhaps,I think too much.Start from the beginning,this is just an one man show.

I need an answer.


Monday, May 9, 2011


A flawless girl,can I?

I wish to...but sometimes thing turns otherwise.

Some flaws that will never gone.Sometimes I really wish I can just wipe them out from my body,it should have takes a long time I believe,perhaps a year?couple years?or just stay there forever?Nobody knows.

Well,god is fair like always do.Nobody is flawless.Life ain't easy,so eventually you yourself have to figure out your best way to live life happily.

Before I end the post,

Kindly click the link above,not virus no worries.Overdue and it was finally up.

Astro Nextgen Contentpreneur Awards 2010 - Revolutionary Documentary : The Forgotten History of Sybil Kathigasu.Ours!

And and and,why the fuck the weather is so damn freaking super duper extremely HOT?! Tell me,who can tahan the heat please raise your left hand right hand left leg right leg up! Is like oh mai farking gawd am melting! Eventhou I was in an aircond place,but I felt nothing,I was literally sweating! Please,rain.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Busy life keep me alive

Time flies indeed,its been 5 weeks I've worked in XOX.Everyday repeating the same routine,it's real I REPEAT,THE SAME ROUTINE.Wake up-shower-breki-office-lunch-back to office-dinner-home-shower-FB and/or drama-sleep.The weekdays daily routine that never change.

Busy life keep me alive.Started busy on my work.Meeting with clients,preparing power point slide for projects update,departments meeting,presentation in meeting,agreement and management paper preparation all that,it partially took my day.But yet,I've learned a lot from my work and job,I have to be more real hard than others coz I'm not from business base but I'm currently doing business development job,perhaps I'll into another field few years after,event will do since this was the previous field I joined and did.Besides all these,I'm fond of the bunch of my colleagues and the bosses,they're just so nice and friendly,not to mention they willing to teach me whatever they know,I was so fortunate of having all this.

Sometimes I wish to go back Serdang my home so badly after work,but the traffic congestion problem bother me still and it really stopped me of doing that,plus the mental tiring.Therefore I only get to go back home on weekends.But something bother me when I'm home.There have no curfew set on me,mum doesn't really restrict me from hanging out but her act certainly seems I'm not that allowed.Everytime I'm out and I don't know why something weird thinking make me feel guilty sometimes.

Busy life at least keep me away from thinking nonsense stuff,it's a good thing to have your mind focus on many stuff but not just looking at one which will torture your mind and soul.As per normal,girls like spending and buying as it's girl's nature.Spending and buying stuff can keep a girl happy without doubting,is like our stuff will never ever get enough,the mind of keep adding new stuff into your wardrobe and accessory box is just so desperately.But but but,stuff never be enough yet,money not enough.That's why everybody struggle to work,work for money.No work no money,work more but probably money not get more,agree?

That's all for the post.

p/s: don't scold me that I not yet post out the H-Artistry night.Wait~patiently.

And oh ya,

Happy Mama's Day

Love you Mummy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Working adult read this!

返工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
日出而作 搏一搏 我架單車都變麾托
睡眼惺忪9點鐘 記得起身返工
個個都要返工 返工先唔使窮 證明你有用
第1個鐘輕輕鬆鬆 等第2個鐘
第2個鐘去site visit 順便去埋game zone
第3個鐘打電話 打成個鐘至接通
入廁所沖嚇沖嚇 又釣魚中嚇中嚇
拿杯咖啡沖嚇沖嚇 沖嚇沖嚇沖嚇沖嚇
個個睇住個鐘 個個等放工
你老闆唔鍾意你 你唔鍾意份工
鬼叫你鍾意份人工 咁就冇野需要理
返工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
打卡最型 打極唔停 打少一成會雙目失明
番工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
日搏夜搏先發覺 最鐘意讀書返學
永遠就o黎遲到 班地鐵一定趕唔到
好彩第一個返到 老細又睇我唔到
掃把話唔夠數 出o黎捉人去跑數
跑極都係唔夠數 份人工又唔巖數
詐病請病假 又要付出代價
好彩呀邊個有醫生紙明碼實價 仲要做緊特價
費時返到公司 好似隻死屍
放工去開p 點知要ot
返工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
(喂 今晚我要早走呀 可唔可以幫嚇我手呀)
番工放工 幾點至夠鐘
sick leave要點用 開會有乜用
(尋晚我都冇走 點打卡嗜)

If you're a working adult like me,pretty sure you know how's the feeling,aite?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bold. Stylish. Delivered in Black.

It was HAWT that night!!! Spot me if you can,I was in the video just a second.

Next update,Hennessy Artistry at The Opera.

Sorry for my non-productive.Trying to drag myself to blog.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

It was the two weeks back,one of the hottest and yet most happening party of the year,Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge! And this time held at Le Marquee Palace of The Golden Horses.The ultimate V-VIP race party and it's delivered in black or chic gold.

Arrived with a big huge WOW.Roughly about 20 high end sport cars parked outside of Le Marquee.They guys went to check them out seriously one by one.How great if I could own anyone of them.

We were given our door gifts before we entered the floor.It was a Johnnie Walker gold necklace which I felt was kind of cool seriously.

Imagine the situation,the whole place was packed,full of people,it was so happening.Thus,a little disappointment on the ventilation which was the broke down of air-conditioner at the initial stage of the party.I was literally sweating,dress wet with the dancing and drinking.Yet,everybody did enjoyed their night 100% though.

World class bartenders to mix up the special drinks.Countless round were made to the bar just to get the delectable cocktails.We kicked start with cocktails and slowly moved to Black Label.Free flow of Johnnie Walker Black Label,you can drink like nobody business.Bottles of Black Label placed on each table and will be replaced with a new one after you finish them up.So guess,how many bottles you can drink!

Special thanks to Johnnie Walker for such a special event.It was great!

For more photos,please do not hesitate view my FB album.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The First Hennessy Artistry of 2011

Grab yourself a glass of Hennessy V.S.O.P.

I’m here to bring you guys especially party people a good news.

After the few months back unforgettable big bash of Hennessy Artistry 2010 at MIECC, and guess what, the first Hennessy Artistry of 2011 is headed your way! Get yourself ready for the most anticipated party in town.

The country’s most talked about party, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ will be kick-starting its 2011 series in Penang at Voodoo, Upper Penang Road on April the 28th. Penang party-goers please don’t miss the most happening party and let’s bring the house down with your fella friends, and fear not to KL fellows, promising a colourful blend of music, delectable Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks, and also a party atmosphere that is second to none, Hennessy Artistry will then head down to Klang Valley in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid two days later on April the 30th.

The Hennessy Interactive Photowall is upgraded in 2011 to allow guests to enhance their photos digitally by choosing different visual backgrounds and shout out phrases such as “Hennessy Rocks”, “Show me the Hennessy” and “I Love Hennessy”. Who doesn’t want to be treated as a superstar and stand in front of the uncountable DSLR, give me some flash folk!

Party-goers coming into the party this year will receive a new radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristband. Curious for the new thingy? You will get to know that on your own by join the hottest party.

On the music front, leading the line-up at the upcoming Hennessy Artistry party is Australian electro/house duo, Vandalism which comprises of DJ/Producer Andy Van and vocalist/songwriter Cassie Van.

Joining them at the party are two of the hottest female DJs in town, Miss Eva T and DJ Lizz. Together, they form Spinderella, a hip-hop, R&B, electro/house spinning duo that churns out tunes which are unique and fresh.

Staying true to Hennessy Artistry’s innovative approach in blending musical genres of the East and West, the upcoming party will also see Malaysia’s very own up and coming rock sensations, Kyoto Protocol conquering the stage.

With more than just music reverberating through the clubs’ walls, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is where music and drinks find the perfect match. The blending of musical experiences provides the core essence, while the much loved Hennessy V.S.O.P’s signature long drinks that will leave guests awestruck and craving for more of Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger, and Hennessy Citrus, provide the evening’s inimitable spirit to complete the distinct ultimate clubbing experience.

Passes to the Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties are by-invitation only. For more details, please log into Hennessy Artistry. Alternatively, to stand a chance to be invited to these two upcoming exclusive events, do not hesitate visit the Hennessy Artistry’s official Facebook fan page or follow on Twitter.

Fyi, the party is strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

Hennessy Artistry 2010 @The Opera

Hennessy Artistry 2010 @Zouk KL

Hennessy Artistry Big Bash 2010 @MIECC

Ready to rock any crowd off the ground. See you there!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Holla pipou am back,like finally.

Seriously no time to update my blog these couple days.

Promise will back to blog very very soon.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge,stay tune for that.Was a great night.

Miss me ^0^

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April the 1st post

Everyone is asking me the same question,which is How's your work so far?Well,so far so good.

If you are the one who trace me all this while,you should know that I've started my work on the April Fool Day.Everyone around me had the same thought,the job offer was a prank,luckily it not.

Well,today is my 3rd day at XOX Com and everything goes smoothly thank god.Nevertheless boredom drives me insane seriously coz I not yet get my lappie so far.I did nothing at office but just waiting for time to pass,pathetic isn't it?Fortunate enough I'll get my lappie from company two days after,busy time ahead once I get my own laptop.

Out of office to customer center today as well as tomorrow,away from boredom and it turns to freedom.Everyone works hard to achieve the way to freedom but it turns otherwise sometimes.

Every working adult looking forward for Friday to come,now I know how's the feeling eventually coz am in the cage life as well.The only thing that can make my day,dinner with baby after end of work everyday,hang out afterwards.

And,the Lumix my beloved cam is back for me,like finally.Sent it back to Panasonic to fix before CNY due to zoom problem,it took about 2 months to get it done,it's been awhile my Lumix not by my side and I was kinda not used to it,mood dropped when everytime went out without a nice camera,finally it came back to mama's side,good boy my semi-pro,sayang you kawkaw.

p/s: Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge storms this Saturday! Let's hit the dance floor!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge hits KL!

The Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge is going to hit KL! By having a cool and inspirational campaign with the Black Circuit Lounge that allows you to experience the lifestyle of Formula One,Johnnie Walker is offering Malaysians the once-a-lifetime opportunity to step inside the ultimate V-VIP race party happening this April the 9th 2011.

Check this video out to know what is the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge all about.

Bold. Stylish. Delivered in Black.

Johnnie Walker,the world’s number one selling red,blue,green,black and gold label blended Scotch whisky and global partner for highly successful Formula One team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes did an after race party experience which is held in Kuala Lumpur last year,you guessed it right- The Black Circuit Lounge! Who else better to throw a race party that the partners of VMM with their amazing values of innovation,winning and of course leadership.

Johnnie Walker is involved in the scene of Formula One,the fastest circuit racing car which also known as the most stylish and sophisticated sport ever!

The highly anticipated by-invitation-only event in the spirit of Monaco will play host to the crème de la crème of Malaysian society and loyal fans of Johnnie Walker.Yeah you heard it right,guests at the Black Circuit Lounge will be treated to V-VIP privileges and a high-flying lifestyle enjoyed by the likes of McLaren Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button,successful overachievers constantly in pursuit of progress so true to the mantra of KEEP WALKING.Who doesn't want to be treated as V-VIP?

Get yourself ready for a massive invasion by hottest DJ Sophia Lin,DJ Bento also known as the creator of Asia's premier all mix party,Hong Kong’s DVDJ I-Tek,and not to forget our very own Malaysian DJ Faith spinning for the A-listers at Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.

DJ Sophia Lin


DJ Bento

Didn't you ever want to experience a party with your fellas in VIP style? The awesome part now comes! TWO best blog post will receive...

a Limited Edition bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label


8GB Limited Edition Chrome USB Drive by Johnnie Walker


8 Exclusive Passes to Black Circuit Lounge

I want the rarest and grandest Blue Label!!! And also the Johnnie Walker chrome USB drive!!! Omg Omg!!! It would be great if I could drag my 8 other friends to step inside the exclusive race party.I could,but to do that I would need to answer a question.

“What have you done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?”

To be honest,I haven't done any achievement in my life,probably there have one so far,the completion of bachelor's degree of mine.After I finished high school,I entered university at the age of 18,started the step of building myself a successful person and a luxury lifestyle in the future.

It's amazing to see how the Formula one drivers are willingly to give their life for a trophy because all this while I was did the same as I spent about 4 years without asked a penny from parental to get a great achievement on my study.All I wanted is what I did throughout these years provide me an easier path to step into a luxury and successful future.Passion is what everyone needed.If you want to be very successful in your field first you need to do is love what you are doing.It is useless if you do something with no soul.

Now I've finally get rid of studies and I'm ready to welcome my working life,time for me to get back into the glitz and glam lifestyle.Sometimes life gets harder but all we can do is 'KEEP WALKING',gone through the obstacles with the passion.

Why I deserve it?Because I was born to deserve it,I was born this way.Cheers~

If you are interested to obtain this exclusive money-can't-buy passes to experience the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge which falls this April 9th,do check out Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook page.Furthermore,get the latest news and updates of Johnnie Walker from there.Get ready for the ultimate party,party-goers!

Always keep in mind,