Friday, April 30, 2010

No matter what

no matter what make us apart,
do remember that a girl used to love and miss you much,
that's me

Final exam +u+u

IP Man 2

The long-waited movie Ip Man 2,watched it finally.

Fact,it was so damn real hard to grab the tickets,and fortunately our Jasone Bou manage to make online booking three days ago.Credit to him.

Ip Man 2 was awesome! Applause movie! Slaughter The Twister! Impressed!

Donnie Yan vs Sammo Hung,one word,awesomeeeee!

Ip Man#1 defeat Japanese whereas Ip Man#2 defeat western.

Sammo Hung so pity,defeated by The Twister aka the western boxer champion.And Sammo Hung die.

You'll feel like wanna punch The Twister to dead because of his cockiness and face problem.He teasing our Chinese tradition incense burning things is a brainless time counter stuffs,kanasai him.

So,Ip Man decided to revenge and take part in the Chinese-Western Boxing Tournament.But,freaking unfair man! Western boxing never use side kick but our Chinese kung fu use both hand and leg,when Ip Man punch the cockiness Twister till half dead,the brainless western judge set a rule that can't use side kick or else will disqualified.What a stupid rule???

The youngster Bruce Lee appears in this movie,the end part.

Donnie Yan,yeng dou bao ar!!! Ask babe to learn Weng Chun XD

I'll definitely watch for the 2nd time.



Sunday,shut up,and Kick-ass at MidValley.

Like Power Rangers.ROLF

Actually the Kick-ass guy quite handsome one,he looks better if take his glass off and change his hairstyle,or else looks like a nerd.

See,he is looking good right?

This movie really need age 18 and above.

Why?First,got 18sx things.The Kick-ass guy kissing with his gf,then his hand slowly move down and "massage" her boobs.

Second,violent.Got those head off stuffs that very disgusting.Some more got one part,a bunch of stupids lock a pity guy in a idk what room is that,kind of a microwave,few minutes not yet get release then he BOMMMM no more,so yucksss.

Nevertheless,the Hit Girl damn yeng,fyi she is just a 11-year-old little girl,but she kills people never blink an eye.Her dad present her a set of knife as her birthday gift,not puppy not barbie doll,her childhood was totally 101% different with other normal child.

Her daddy and so-called the Big Daddy,his outfit 100% looks like a Batman.I can't imagine Nicolas Cage is the Big Daddy,and he ended up with death,coz let peoples burn and punch,so pity.

But overall,quite nice also,not what applause movie.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Descent Pt2 + Ice Kacang

As usual,weather hotttt like hell
Stay inside air-cond room
Watch The Descent Part 2

A bunch of blindness monsters
searching and hunting foods only use their hearing
Their food is human
Silent is the best weapon
So that they couldn't found your position
Then you wouldn't si-kiao-kiao so easily

Go phone fair nearby my house
iPhone and BB selling at every booth
You can see iPhone and BB are everywhere
like pasar malam stuffs
Suddenly become priceless

Afterthat go dinner
Catch up a movie at Sunway
Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Fish is sexual harassing Ah Niu
with water drops of the barley ice

Please support local produce
It's nice
Then,nostalgia comes
Recall the feeling of puppy love

The most memorable scene
A beh-boot-beh-boot roti motor accidentally bang a fatty girl
Then the roti motor rider scold her "U gila ke?!"
The fatty girl scold him back "U buta ke?! I begitu besar u tak boleh nampak ke?!"
All the peoples in the theater laugh their arse off

Next post,Kick-Ass!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lil Red + ILY

Oh-mai-gatt my pity lil red...
I miss my lil red darn a lot!!!
Yea peeps,my lil red is now in ICU.
Lil red,please come back to mummy's side kay...
You're not suppose to leave me.
You should stay by my side.
I know you'll be back...
Don't worry lil red,doctor now is trying to save you.
You'll back to me soon,maybe one or two days.
I promise you lil red,I'll more take care of you in the future okay?

Another thing






Happy Three and a half Years Baby

Feel touch and happy after saw this
I'm not gonna loosen my hand too.
I love you much

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Movie Marathon

My outings will not miss out with movie session lately.

Ok,tues wed thurs fri I was hiding myself and rush the bloody IA final report like hell,I mean almost half dead.

Well,as usual my weekend will always full with parties and outings,this weekend no any exception either.

No need i crap more peeps you all know too,as my post title,catch up movie,again.

Fire Conscience at Pavilion

From the beginning till the end of movie,god damn violence violence violence.Bleeding at almost every scenes.

Apparently,the movie content is not relevant with the movie tittle.Seriously idk which part of it has related with "fire dragon".

There's a lot of vulgar and eff words,such as "dxx lei lou mei,this lan and that lan,what also add a lan word...bla bla bla".

Conclusion,the director telling you to be a conscious person,don't like Richie Ren,an unconscionable police,you will have your bad in return.

Shutter Island at Time Square

It's been a time never watch movie at Time Square for an ages already.

At first I was thought that Shutter Island is a scary or horror or whatever shit genre movie,but ended up with we almost fell asleep.This is not what scary or horror or idk what genre movie as what I thought,this is a very artistic movie,should get next oscar awards,coz mostly those winning-awards-movie are all boring or couldn't-get-the-point movie,agree?Shutter Island,complicated storyline yet special.The characters are all like to talk crap till you can fell asleep anytime.

I almost psychopathic and get mentally prob within this 2 hours show.Mr.Gumps quote "Life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what you're gonna get",as this Shutter Island,you will never know what ending you're gonna get or suppose to get,coz you really couldn't expect how is the story ending does,you better expect the unexpected.

Story telling that persons stay at Shutter Island are all prisoner,a psychopath that commit a serious crime before,they are a group of isolates to let the doctors do idk whatever shit of experiment.Hospital doctors whose radical treatments range from unethical to illegal to downright sinister.

Leonardo seems like a normal person from the beginning of the story,we was thought that.The exciting part comes,he ain't a normal person,he is one of the patient in the hospital too,means,he is a psychopath also,serious that type,VIP in the mentally hospital.That's mean what we watched previously are all part of his imagination only.You will never doubt that he is a patient also.

No wonder why there's a lot of question marks popping up in my mind,coz you have to use an very unusual point of view to watch and enjoy the movie.The director is purposely misleading the audiences to a psychopathy thinking.

Some would say it nice,some are not.Depends...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Date Night

Last Sunday,Bet brought me out to dinner again,with Bou and Bong G too.

Headache when thinking where to dine.Finally,we choose fast food.Pizza Hut.

Don't laugh,we're lame I knew.

So,we headed to Kuchai Lama to settle our dinner.

I know you guys sure laugh on us,and say,Serdang don't have Pizza Hut meh,why drove to Kuchai Lama just to have a fast food meal.Whatsover~

We was starving,four of us like dinosaurs,eat and order non stop.

After dinner,off to MidValley,helped Davin grab a pair of shoe to gift his gf.Converse Classic High.Grab it in a super fast thunder speed,5 minutes time,i meant,like walked in,told the salesboy the shoe I want,get it,pay then ciaoz.

Movie time with them afterthat,second time of mine,Clash of Titans,I just can say OMFG.

After movie back home supposed,but get Tiff and Maa call asked go yam cha,ok deal.

Bet drop me at Tiff's house,Maa drove me and Tiff go McD nearby my house.Chit chat until 2am,back home then sleep.

Had a date with Tiff and Maa again.Decided to catch up a movie since we've never watch a movie together for an ages already.So,we watched Date Night

Ok,overall not bad.A good storyline comedy.

Gosh I still have two posts haven update yet.Outingsssss make me feel tired and no time to update my blog,even my lovely FB.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

K Session with E-Plus

Saturday night,party night!!!

No la,I didn't go to any party.I went Puchong Neway with my E-Plusmates.Yea peeps,is sing k night!!!

Main purpose of this sing k session :
- E-Plus's 5th Anniversary.
- Shaun's 28th Birthday.
- Fieqa's 2oth Birthday.
- Meay's Welcoming.
- Boey's Farewell. Yea is me is me,is time to say bye to E-Plus.

Guess what,we were effin crazy,sing from 7pm till 4am,10 hours wei!!!

We really had lotsa fun that night.

And,a million thanks to E-Plusmates,I really god damn love the present you guys gifted me.

A simple card mean a lots to me

I appreciate it

Haha...Kazim gifted me this grad bear

Bag from Guess!!! Hoohoo XD

During this 3 months intern life in E-Plus,I learn a lot,and I really had fun with you guys.Thanks Kakak and Abang,both you are the best leader that I ever met.Shaun,Barb,Ayip,Zaigo,Wak,Arvin,Kazim,Mus,Amiesh,Zak,nice meeting you guys,you guys helped me lots,really had fun working with you all.Meay,I miss the sharing table moments with you,even tho just a week time.Guys,I started miss you all already!!! No worries,I'll be back!!!

I love E-Plus!!!

Next post,outing with my loves again.

Being Human

My 3 months internship come with a perfect full stop now and obviously my holiday started.But I still have to rush my bloody 20pages report,damnit.

My weekend full of joy and lotsa fun.Last Friday was my last day of internship,therefore the bunch of ka-la-so bring me out after I knocked off.Went to Sri Petaling for our dim sum dinner,one word,slurp.Off to MidValley after dinner and ta-daa,movie time again.Discuss which movie should we watch and after much debating,we choose Being Human or Echoes Of The Rainbow either,but Bet banned Being Human insist.

Here come a super duper funny incident. Me ; Bet

At counter ticket,Bet get a call and he left away,so the remaining of us buy the movie tickets.

Bet,Echoes Of The Rainbow no more nice seat,so how?We choose Being Human is it ok for you?
(Bet was talking with phone that time while I asked him)

Bet didn't answer me anything,he just nod his head and shake his hand.That's mean,ok?cincai?si dan?or wad???

Finally,we bought Being Human tickets.

In the theater,Bet sit beside me and keep telling me

I got a bad sense...bad this movie...should be not nice.

Don't judge so fast,you haven watch it what.

I got a bad sense still.

I tell you what,don't judge a book by its cover.Maybe is nice.


After others trailer and advertisement,and before the show start,the screen show

"Director 梁智强"

Bet yell

Which the Fark movie we watch???

Being Human la.

What the Fark.I tot we watch Echoes Of The Rainbow.

What???We already asked you just now,we watch Being Human ma,then you say ok geh.

I totally stunned after I saw the Director is 梁智强,I only knew that you bought Being Human ticket.

By the way,you have no choice now.

Super sigh.

Bet was sigh all the way from the beginning to the end of the movie.

Overall,Being Human not that nice seriously.In my opinion la,this is considered as the worst movie he ever directed.

Even tho NoNo from Taiwan is one of the actor in the movie,but didn't help much,his character like a junk role,appear and disappear from no where.

Friday, April 9, 2010

All For The Charity

Still remember before CNY my February post that talk about Streething and Femmething Charity Event at Zouk KL and Phuture?

Can't remember?Click and see this.

Let's see hows happening that day.

Too many peoples,couldn't see where am I,sigh.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Argghh...kena summon again >.<

But...never mind never mind.

Because,the stupid MBPJ fella super bannai.

My car plat number XXX 5882,Mr.MBPJ wrote XXX 2882.

That's mean,I can throw the summon away,to the rubbish bin.

I think the Mr.MBPJ got serious short-sighted,should go and have an eye check.

Btw,I should thanks to the Mr.MBPJ also la.

If not I have to say byebye to my 30bucks liaw.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My friends told me "I very hate you when you wearing pyjamas"
I ask why.
They answer "Coz everytime ask you yam cha you also reject and say change pyjamas liaw don't want out"

Indeed,am lazy to change back to my normal wear once I wore pyjamas.
Indeed,I used to wear pyjamas since I was a little baby.
Indeed,I wear pyjamas everynight,no exception.
Indeed,my pyjamas are all come in set,all kids style,I dislike so-hottt-so-sexy pyjamas.
Indeed,I like pyjamas so much.

Found out that I got lots of picture taken in pyjamas look.Random post.

2 years ago

CNY'09 @Penang,my favo pyjamas among,coz it's piggie man!

Year 2009,my favo piggie pyjamas agn

The silly face of mine

CNY'10 @nanny's house

Mac 2010.Before my fringe-cut

Don't talk bout haircut anymore,heartache now.If you are not pro enough to cut people's fringe,go and learn! I just want to trim,I want my fringe,I don't want bang! Do you know what's the meaning of the verb "TRIM" "FRINGE" "NOT BANG".OMFG!@#$%&,I look so god damn ugly now,with a super duper fugly bang.

See,I hate it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing Converse x CDG

Introducing new sneaker - Converse x CDG
Am loving it~
Thanks to the boii
Totally mood up
after get this

Converse Play Comme des Garcons
Delivered from UK

Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy shitty movies

I was suppose to finish my internship last week,but I didn't.Why?Some reason.I'll be officially finish my 3 months internship by this week.

Catch up two holy shitty movies on weekend.

First,Clash Of The Titans.

90% same with Percy Jackson.
Percy Jackson-Son of Poseidon ; Perseus-Son of Zeus,
they are both half human half god
they are both attack Hades
they are both Hades's enemy
they are both chop Medusa's head
they are both use reflection
they are both from don't know any kung fu till can let Hades keep skin in the end
what else?But important is,Percy Jackson better than Clash.

The IO really like a junk,appears from no where,back from dead to alive,what the eff?
The scorpions farking look like transformers,I was thought that am watching Transformers 3.
The Hades so fast balik kampung,no wonder Zeus and Poseidon tak mau you la.
The Poseidon lagi shit,totally is a junk role.
The Kracken,I have nothing to comment bout it,coz it's really too holy shit.What a good "release the Kracken!!!"

Totally mood down after watched this.

Second,Beauty On Duty.

ROFL!!! What a super duper holy crap movie.Bunch of the ka-la-so almost fell asleep.
As long as filmmakers like Hong Kong’s Wong Jing is around,you know the drill - expect the unexpected.Wong Jing's latest work,Beauty on Duty is no exception either.No doubt that there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments,but not my cup of tea.Btw,Wong Jing's bawdy sense of humor,impressed.

Overall to this movie,bored and ROFL.

Can you guys imagine how down am I after watched the two holy shitty movies?But,something up-ed me.Tell you guys on my next post.

Stay tuned.Ciaoz~