Sunday, January 30, 2011

The post before CNY

Huu...finish packing finally,it took me practically 3 hours.I love traveling but I hate packing coz I don't know what clothes should I bring to when every time I out of house to trip.

Was doing my mud mask while blogging.Opps,already rinse the mud mask and now my nose's turn,bye bye the "strawberry" as how baby describes my terrible nose.

Wow,I have a high forehead.That's why I need fringe to cover it up.

Seem like am dying to blog even though I hafta wake up pretty early morning later,no other reason,all because I'll away from my lappie for a week,so die die also wanna blog now.

New layout for my blog!Not bad huh?

Well,is time to doze off as it's already 2a.m now.

p/s: no more "strawberry",baby =P and Koh Samui here I come^^


Saturday, January 29, 2011

HCNY in advance

Darn,is going to Thailand tomorrow but till now I not even start to pack yet,duhhhhhh....

One week clothes not that easy to pack seriously =.=

The blog author will be AFK and also MIA for about one week time,get back to you guys soon after the trip!

Lastly,enjoy your CNY kawkaw peeps!!!

Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing you a year sparkling with
success,happiness,and prosperity

Friday, January 28, 2011

Unknown Title

CNY is just around the corner,still I got no any strong feeling or anticipation towards it thou.Anyway,an early wish to all of you,gong xi fatt chai and happy new year!!!Got my first CNY ang pau from Alex,thanks much.

FB is getting me bored lately,the times I login became lesser and lesser.Haa,no more addicted on FB.

Chop my hair off eventually after days and nights considering.Went to mum's saloon at the previous Sunday and uhm hell yea I decided to chop it off and no more long hair.

Did a lil shopping with Bear in order to grab birthday prezi for Tipa,and helped Bear to dye her hair with Liese,but ended up phailed kawkaw dot com.The color we chose perhaps,cassis berry but no berry just a lil bit brownish.I think we should choose another color next time Bear.And my hair color started to fade,I got no idea on my hair color now,should I dye it again?

Last but not least,congratz to baby because he got his first job already!!!Am proud of you baby seriously,hope I can get mine soon.

Photo taken before headed to A&D annual dinner.None make up night,still looking good right?LOL.


Friday, January 21, 2011





FML hard!!!

Totally depressing till the MAX!!!

Everything can't goes well,why???Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

What happened to me???What happened to my luck???

Please don't treat me as this bad,please give me some luck,oh god am begging you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A nice video to share.Reverie by Vincent Laforet with using Canon 5D.Impressive.

Stomachache like shiatttt,can't neither sit,stand nor lie down whatsoever,fml.Wanted to take a knife from kitchen and about to stab my stomach.

Thailand for this coming CNY with mum and the relatives.But I got no cam for temporary,Lumix has been sent to Panasonic to fix,poorthing.And why it must takes almost a month to fix it when it's under warranty?It should be faster than without warranty isn't it?Else warranty needed for what?Duh.......

A stupid yet funny conversation between me,hubby,Ben,Shik.Let's see what we did.

Shik: I miss Kampar MCD.Ben let's MCD after we back to Kampar.
Ben: What's the name ad ar?the grilled chicken burger.
Me,huby: Eh...I know which one I know which one!
Shik: MCB!
Me,hubby: Yayaya,MCB the name *nod without doubting*
Ben: What MCB,is GCB dudes.
We laughed our ass off in the car.

Thought that the MCB thing was already a forgotten thing after the night,but Ben wasn't forget about it still.Duh.....

A joke to share,Mr.Shik Lu's gag.
King Kong tfk on the top of the state building.
King Kong在state building上面“打”飞机.

You will get what am I talking about if you ever watched "King Kong" the movie.LOL.

Lastly,currently in love with this song.Even thou this was kind an old song by Faye Wong.

The feel is totally different when you listening to this song with the love one,especially otw home at the midnight time.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Up and Down

Felt so lonely out of the sudden,it always happen.Knowing that there have several shitty problems are waiting for me to be settle,this double my emo-ness.Im trying to ignore those problems,but fact is still the fact,how I wish I can succeed through all the obstacles and have a peaceful life.

Being sick for few days,from sore throat to fever,flu and now cough,so what's next?Im sicken of an unhealthy body.Sigh.I need Vitamin C.

Well,my so-called holiday was bored like shiatt.Luckily my hubbyboii brought me to here and there some of the time,if not i will bored to death.

Jobless people like me will always face the same problem,having financial crisis.Oh gosh,I hate the fell.All the to-do/buy-list have to put aside first.Grrrrrr!

Actually am thinking of come out with movie reviews as I had watched,including The Tourist,Season Of The Witch,but I lazy to do so.If you ask my opinion,I would say that I kinda dislike Season Of The Witch.Why?Because there is no witch in this film but Satan.

Why am I so down and emo,oh nooooooo!

Before end the post,let's up your mood back with the video,you might just catch your friends in action,enjoy and have a good view.

That was an awesome night.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011









No Offence^^

Monday, January 10, 2011

Am graduated!!!

After 4 frigging years of study,am officially graduated from UTAR!

Much anticipation,the results are finally out today and am a degree graduate OMG!

My heart was going to drop out when checking the result,none a word can describe my feeling when I saw the status,


My 4 years of hard works are finally paid off,thanks god.

And with that I say,graduation here I come,see you guys in convo March 2011!!!

Last but not least,allow me to



Please come back to me my Lumix

We all miss you

Get well soon coz I wanna bring you to wherever events

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Feel so lifeless,everyday sleep and eat and sleep and eat,is time to start looking for job.Finish study equals to jobless,fyi,am currently doing floor measurement job,it's so pathetic.Well,2011 first aim,turn to workload from workless.

Btw,enjoy as much as I could during my jobless moment.Went for CNY clothes hunting with hubby,but got nothing,too bad.

Okay,I look so noob in this pic.My left eye looks slightly bigger than my right eye,or it's just my illusion?Eyebags never healed,or I sleep too much?

Hubby's friend's new opened boutique,Realm,support support!Got the membership card on the spot,*2319*,hubby's birth date plus my birth date.Thanks Fooi^^

this is madness

Let's pay a visit to Realmshop,it's just behind BTS,or their FB page.

After Pavilion,the second Chatime opening soon in BTS.Oh yummy yummy pearl milk tea,I miss them loads!

Dine at One Chef for our late lunch.Surprisingly found this at BTS too as One Chef Jaya One was our Bimboloves gang's most visited spot during our class interval before.

Guess what,got myself a Birthday Noir Be@rbrick.Eyes with swarovski and my birthday month stated on its stomach.


Headed to Sunway Pyramid on the next day,got nothing as well,but satisfy our stomach and taste buds with a perfect brunch,Sushi Zanmai.It's still my love,I always love Japanese food.

I bet you guys are going to hate me now coz of these salivary foods. (except TSC Maa)

p/s: party tomorrow^^

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 First Post

Happy New Year 2011 peeps!!!

Forget the unlucky 2010 and hope this brand new year would be a wonderful one!!!

Celebrated new year eve without the boyfriend but with my two VIPs,Teoh Maa&Lim Bear.

Photos will be upload soon^^


H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!!