Thursday, January 28, 2010


CNY is around the corner,have you finish bought your CNY clothes yet?

Where I’ll spend on time during this CNY?I’ve no idea.

Am now in dilemma,mum ask me follow them to Thailand,my gangs ask me follow them to the trip.

Whatever either I choose,they got their pros and cons.

How how how?Teach me how to choose,gosh.

Finally I can go for shopping spreeeee already!!!I want shopping!!! Hiak hiak XD Who want go shopping with me?

I sekali gus update 4 posts.Clap clap^^

1001 Arabian Night@GICC

This is my 4th week of interning at E-Plus Entertainment Production and finally I’ve got the chance to follow them to Genting for my 1st event job.Up to Genting on Monday for a 2days event.The event 1001 Arabian Night at GICC on 25th Jan and 26th Jan.Our company in-charge to supply the talents and performers,the entertainment part.As I mentioned just now,the event theme was Arabian night so for sure the programs must all in Arabian style.We have belly dancers,band,fortune tellers,cobra and python snake charmers,and of course we have flying carpet machine too.

The emcee-Andrew wearing Aladdin costume

The flying carpet

The python snake charmer,his snake named Sayang

Sexay belly dancers

Tarot card fortune teller

Parrot bird fortune teller

The event was actually a buffet dinner for those Genting members,in conclusion the guests are all casino regular customers,everytime do charity donate some of their money to Genting,so for sure Genting will reward to them.

The 3days I stayed up there was frigging cold,plus rain,I was freezing man.But the most happiest one,we have 2.4k credit to have our meals,5 peoples use 2.4k to eat?Gosh…how to spend?Was totally too much,even though we ate lobster,geoduck,sharkfin,crab,seafoods for lunch,we still left 1k something of credit,the only way we can do,da bao da bao da bao back to KL.Guess what,we ordered 18 of large pizza,10sets of chiken wing plus French fries,500bucks to buy different various of desserts,cakes,sandwhiches,cans drink,etc.

Last day of the event,drinking session once the event end,with my bosses,Genting managers,Genting staffs,my colleagues.Me as a newbie in the event industry,those managers most like to say:”come come come,drink with me”,and how to reject them?The most terrible part was come,half glass of pure Whisky,add ¼ of water,can you imagine how bitter is the alcohol?I think you guys can help me to continue what happened on me next,no doubt,tipsy then puked.After drinking session,they changed their venue to Be A Star karaoke to chill the rest of the night,what I can do was just pretend am sleeping so that they wouldn’t come and disturb me again.Working at E-Plus,an alcoholic you must be to.

Here,lotz of sorry to you-know-who-you-are.Sorry coz let you worry.I don’t mean to do it,I knew you get mad on that time,I promise no next time if without you by my side,okay?

Dim Sum+Haunted Uni night

An outing with my gangs on the previous Saturday night once again. Headed to Sri Petaling to have our dinner, Bet was insisted to eat dim sum.Okay,we buy your idea.Bou,another fella that eye is always bigger than stomach.

After our dim sum dinner,off we go to Pavilion to catch a movie,Haunted Universities.

This is our upcoming must-watch movie.Ta-daa

Haunted Universities,an another horror movie by Thai,based on various horror and ghost tales set in universities, the film centers around some students who encounter paranormal events in their university.They must fight against their fears and scary things that are haunting their university.The most scratching head part,why Ju-On appear in a Thai film huh?

And I think I’m getting older,started aging,coz I really can’t remember what’s happen next after movie session,seriously.

Suddenly remember this,last Thursday night Bou and I accom Bong G went to FnC to buy some CNY decorations to well decor her shop.

Busy choosing

Just can wait

Ta-daa,still remember Pop Pop?Everyone's CNY must-play thingy during their childhood.And we bought one too.

Honey's 22nd Hotel Room Service

Happy 22nd Birthday to my heart-est honey,Miss Tiffany Pang.Me,as your heart-est darling,planned a surprise hotel room party at Cititel MidValley,just for you.But firstly,I want to apologize to my honey,coz the birthday party and your actual big day had pass few days ago but I now only free to blog here.Secondly,I wan to apologize to my honey again,coz our imperfect surprise,a very not-so-surprise geh surprise,but at least the memorable one.Thirdly,I want to give a million thanks to my babes,the boys and girls.This is the thank you list:

-Bear babe,thanks to well prepared all the birthday sets.
-Jess babe,thanks to well drawing the birthday banner.
-Bong G,thanks to buy the foods up to the room (I knew that you waited the pizza guy for half an hour time,and steal the ice for me).
-Andy,thanks to well settle the room booking stuffs.
-Biao&Yenn,thanks to both you prepared those alcohols.
-Wyman,thanks to your brilliant idea to cheat her.
-All the boys,thanks to your attendance.

A million thanks to everyone who attended,lotz of loves to you all.

From: the unsuccessful event planner XD

Okay,let’s talk about the party that night.Straight away off to Cititel after knock off,7pm.The most terrible hour,jam everywhere.So we took almost one and a half hour to get there,from Kelana Jaya to MidValley,darn.

Bla bla bla…what to write?My brain is totally blank right now,argghhh.Use your common sense to continue the story,okay?As what you guys know,what can do in a birthday party?Alcohol is a must,cake cutting is a must,picture capturing is a must,play abnormal game is a must too,poker (just for boys) - the losers have to run/pumping outside hotel room with naked body,another abnormal game that everybody involved in,King and the victims?or so called fear factor?

After the party end,yam cha next.Chilled at SS2 Kayu,until what time seriously I forget already.

For more picture,please no hesitate visit to my FB.

Special for Miss Tiffany,you know I’ll always be there for you,forever.I do appreciate the friendship/babeship/honeydarlingship that between us,we own many of the happy moments that belong to us,I’ll keep all of them till the day we old we say bye bye to this universe.Use fingers to count, we knew each other since standard 1 till now,15 years,ohh not enough,have to use toes too.

ILY lotz

Our story that will never end.

p/s: darn…my memory getting weaker,I lose my current memory.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stay tune

Why today's traffic so effin jam one!!! Aduih.....

Eff la....I don't wanna stuck in traffic jam anymore please...can anyone seek out an alternative unjam road for me?my babeJ,would you?Haha XD

Will update my blog stay tune peeps.

p/s: is planning an effin special important event..teehee^^

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The nights

Went to a wedding dinner on the previous Sunday night,Fu and Kai's sis wedding big day.Congratz to her,happy and sweet forever with your hubby ya.The night before,single party at their Setapak crib.

So what's next after dinner?movie?L4D?club?sing k?or what?Off to 1U from Setapak to chill supposedly.

Movie?No...unsuitable show time.
L4D?No...too sienz.
Club?No...the night before club with my colleagues,still tipsy.
Yam cha?No...everyday also yam cha sienz. any other optional plan already,we chose sing k finally.

Off to Puchong Neway,start our midnight k session from 12am to 4am.

Sunday night wedding dinner at Royal China Restaurant.

See my glass capacity,the guy who showing his sinister smile in the picture above,poured almost full glass of red wine to me,diu.

The performer was awesome,his acting,his imitating,his singing,thumb up for him seriously.Idk what his name but he was imitating as Leslie Cheung and Grasshopper that night,was awesome I would say that *clap*

After dinner,hang around at Pavilion,just for fun.

Black sesame Ice-cream aka Cement

Was fooling around outside the cinema,lazy to put photos here,so go and view my FB la.

I'm waiting the day I'm waiting

Saturday, January 9, 2010

E-Plus & Fahrenheit

BCs now are having their internship moment,some are enjoying, some are not.

I'm now interning in an events company, E-plus Entertainment Production that located in Kelana Square.So peeps if you have any events just come and find us,we'll manage for you. first working week...ermm...nothing much to do.Followed them to KL Convention Centre on the first day to do location measurement,headed to 1U to catch a movie with babeJ and his friends after I knocked off,guess what I watched the second time of Avatar but 3D this time,dinner at SeaPark after movie.The following next few days sit inside the office facing to the lappie and do translation job,sounds easy job huh?Hell NOT!!! Translation not an easy job as what you guys thought.Wednesday night went to have a dinner with babeJ,Tairus and his gangs at SS2 Murni,since they're interning in the same building with me.Lunched with my Bim Helen on Thursday,had a chit chat session with her.And yesterday headed to Ampang Park for a meeting with clients.These all my first working week.

All the E-Plus workfellows are friendly shit seriously,they're just like a family and I'm the new member of this family.Bosses just like our abang and kakak.

My lappie and my office desk


Souvenirs from Bombay.Thankiu Arvin

Friday night=Hit the flow night=Party night!!! Yesterday was our kakak aka boss's birthday so we celebrated her birthday at Sri Hartamas Fahrenheit Pub after knocked off.My babeJ was tagged along too and he's now the another new member of E-Plus family.Was a blast lastnight,all the peoples drank and dance till like there was no tomorrow.

Feel go guilty when I was crazy partying while the others BC mates busying on their no day no night production work.

It is Saturday today and peeps follow me to YooHoo!!! As usual,hang out with my gangs tonight.Have a dinner at Royal China Restaurant tomorrow night with my gangs again.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2010 peeps!!! How did you guys celebrated your memorable new year eve and new year?

I had no idea what to do and where to go on the NYE before the actual day so we had a yam cha session to well discuss about this issue.And finally I celebrated my NYE with my babeJ and the gangs at Quattro.

Waited Bong G to finish work at Q Nail then we off to Quattro.

We was fungry all the way from Serdang to KL so for sure we had our NYE dinner at Quattro Summer before the blast begin.

Winter bar or autumn club?We chose bar coz club packed like hell on NYE till you can suffocate and die inside,can you imagine the situation like a pasar malam and even worst,all the peoples just like sardines pack inside a sardine tin.But since bar and club connected each other so we still able to bump into the club.

All of us get tipsy besides the drivers.Oh no,not all the drivers are awake actually,the Myvi driver Bear actually in wee-wang-wang status as well and cause the Myvi kissed to the Kenari's arse.Moi,you manyak bandai wei XD

And due to we still have to drive back to Serdang and avoid the "blow task" so better we went to yam cha before home.Headed to Setapak yam cha and Miss Lee Hui Yee wanna change her cloth coz she puked lolz.

Home sweet home around 5am and sleep dead after that.

p/s:pictures more on FB.


Can't recall what time woke up that day.Stayed at home in the afternoon,as usual check FB,uploaded pics,MSN,Skype.And I had my new year dinner at Look Out Point with my babeJ,Bet,Bou and Bong G.What's next after dinner?L4D at Sg.Long Gamer Concept.


Ermm...Dinner with the same gangs and L4D again at Sg.Long Gamer Concept.And after that,catch a movie at Jusco Cheras Selatan.Sherlock Holmes.

Oh-emm-gee Holmes was awesome brilliant seriously but I like Watson that starring by Jude Law,totally in love with Doctor Watson.Sherlock Holmes nice plot nice setting.Downey Jr and Law had great chemistry together.

Today is my last day of holiday and I'll start my internship tomorrow.Hope all the BC students going smooth in their job.Goodluck to myself and also the BCs.Cheers^^