Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Zombie-like period is perfectly end with a full stop and yet,another busy period is coming soon.And still,assignmentloads plus MCP.Fyi,MCP stand for Multi Camera Production,also known as our final year project.

Study is important,but partay is important too...weeeeeeeee~

Primary gathering at Pei Yee's mansion.

This was the second gathering of year 2010 as I already missed out the first one,therefore no any excuses for me to miss out again this time. And my hub tag along too.

Well,gathering with our long-time-no-see primary friends,I would say that the feeling was totally great.

10 years and still counting......peeps,see you all in the next gathering! Photos credit to the photographer Jason.

We left earlier as we hafta rush to Phuture for second round.To meet the bunch of party goers.

Mua x Babyhub x Honey x Wyman

pretty girl Cindy with us

otw to Phuture

me and Vampire look-alike,Xuan


We had lotsa fun that night,and Mr Wyman K.O after the party end.

Last Monday night,Adrian vs 100 shots at Ecoba.

Yea peeps especially if you're a alcoholic,show your guts and challenge 100 shots,your job is to finish the 100 Carlsberg shots in 100 minutes and get RM1.8k,but the term is you cannot pee and cannot puke during the 100 minutes,or else you'll be disqualified.Go to register at least one week in advance and pay for the registration fee.The challenge is only available at every Monday night at Ecoba,Damansara Perdana.

The bunch of us headed to Ecoba to support Adrian,one of the challenger of 100 shots.He is known as an alcoholic among us.Photos taken by the photographer Jimmy aka paparazzi of the day and Dorcas Canon S90.


the supporters

Don't think the challenge just a piece of cake,Adrian puked in the half way,the 89 shots,left 11 shots more he can bring the RM1.8k back already,aih hor sik...

Ecoba really a nice place to have a beer and chill with your buddies.Fore more photos,please no hesitate to view my FB.Thankiu.

Stop here and stay tune for my birthday bashes post!!! Am officially 22!!! Hoohoo~


Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's been an ages I've never update my blog. I'm lifeless nowadays,fact I'm busying on my coursework,assignmentloads! And also "The Forgotten History" post production editing.All these really overwhelm me.I seriously lack of sleep,sleepless average 22hours per day.Overnight in uni Maclab these couple of days,consequently become uni is my crib whereas my home is hotel.I'm like a zombie now,body without a soul.The best or also can be say as the worst things when you stay overnight in Maclab is,NON STOP EATING!

the multitasker is editing the docu

the 1st night,lots of snacks

tu lady can't tahan already,take a rest 1st!

2nd night,my pillow with my maggi cup beside

eat eat eat!!!

cornflakes with milk

tuna with bread

assignments non stop!

I will still update my blog though.Let's give a short and brief update.

Update 1
Had a day out with hub!

Monthly cramp made my mood down all the day,hub brought me to Coffee Bean,hot tea helped a lots.Thankiu Hub!

Update 2
Hang out with Bimboloves (except Helen Bim) during our class interval.The lazy biatch overslept on that day again xD.So the remaining four of us decided to go MidValley.

Had our late brunch at a Thai Restaurant sorry Idk what's the restaurant's name,it's located at the lower ground floor nearby Subway.

Why I show this picture?This meal was actually ordered by my lovely Maa,Thai Curry Chicken Rice or Rendang Chicken Rice something like that,the taste normal but Dorcas say out a weird sentence after she had a mouthful taste on it.

Dorcas :"Why the rice got ARMPIT'S smell one?"
We was like,LOL xD

Stop here and will be update soon.
Next,primary gathering and Phuture night.And also Adrian vs 100shots at Ecoba.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


is my birthday month...
and it suppose to be a joyful month for me
but,loads of assignments make me feel breathless
starting scratch my head when seeing the deadline and submission date
deadline deadline deadline
submission submission submission



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go back to your planet!

You really such a freak man! I seriously don't know what you're thinking,are you an alien that come from other planet?or other universe?Your brain different with other human's brain is it?So that's why we the human couldn't understand your alien's mind and your thinking.I seriously wanna puke my blood out >.<

Go back to your own world,stop disturbing earth people anymore.