Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Have a nice day^^

Feel depress?Chillax,lemme tell you a joke! You probably wouldn't laugh but,it's ok...

Went to 1U for Mark's belated birthday celebration yesterday right after class with Bimboloves and Jimmy. Our Miss Dorcas Cheok ask,"Will Gollum appear in this episode?",and guess what she was pointing Harry Potter trailer at the moment.The rest of us laughed like shit seriously.Sorry Dorcas,you're really too cute for us! Btw,she's officially our entertainment queen,her job is to entertain us everyday.She is just so cute,isn't she?

And! Today,I went to petrol station and pumped RM5 petrol for the very first time in my driving life.The cashier laughed at me,and keep on asking me with his hand holding my 5bucks,"You nak pump petrol ar?" "You nak pump petrol?".Why look down on my 5bucks???I just need enough petrol to go back home since mummy will helps to full my car petrol tank tomorrow.Ish!

-The End-

Have a nice day peeps^^
happy holiday

Saturday, November 13, 2010


A blue weekend without him

Stupid gums swollen

Hectic assignments weeks ahead

Currently broke

What else?

Beat the blues out!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Time flies like a blink of eye,it's Nov now and my forth week of my final semester,can't believe that three weeks more I'll be finish my study life.Not dare to think about my future,my work.

Busy weeks ahead,lotsa assignments are waiting for me to be done,but which should comes first,which should goes last?Totally no idea about that.Three weeks left but countless of assignments oh gawd teach me how to start?

Go to class "almost" everyday thou,I can't even pay my 1% of attention! Everyday gossiping with my bimboloves,discuss where to go and what to eat during next class interval,busy eating in front of lecturer,what a wonderful student life....

No longer wake me up when September ends,it's already change to wake me up when November ends.I want December!


that's all I can say