Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just get a call from my so called "green-plum-bamboo-horse" friend.A news that kinda shock me,is like how you feel BOMB! Guess what,am so surprise that he told me he is going to get marry on this coming X'mas.

He's the first people who get marry among the gang.I still remember clearly the day we first met each other,standard 2.You was the one who likes to bully me when we still a kid.And now,soon you will become your wife's husband and build your own family.Anyway,glad that you found your true love.Congratez~

p/s: have to save $$$ for angpau already.....

Monday, September 20, 2010


Suffering for Comm Law,brain tortured.


We have to face the fact,we have to face Comm Law,you made my life and world so miserable.

Officially announce that:

Am so D.E.A.D!!!

p/s: started to feel should or should not give up,I can't stand for it anymore

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just a short update

As the picture and my tittle above,hell yea am having my final exam now.Struggle these few days to do my revision.Finally,the first two papers was over,and three more papers to go.Next paper,Communication Law falls on next Tuesday,that's mean I still have five days to do my revision.Hmm,considered as the hardest subject amongst.Add oil ba...

Study study study...

Anyway,last but not least,Helen's two-two birthday party,will be update soon.

p/s: finger crossed and wish me luck on my exam

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The OMG Love In Disguise

Love In Disguise,a movie directed by Leehom Wang.His virgin film product I would like to say.

Hub and I wanted to watch this movie for quite a long time,and finally we watched it few days ago.

Seriously la,he is a talented music man,but not a good director.

Due to school holiday,a lot of secondary little girls take the opportunity to watch their idol's film.

When come a scene of Liu Yifei kissing Wang Leehom's cheek,the bunch of fans shouting behind,"No no no! What the hack!".Mmm,and I was like,laugh my out loud.LOL.

When come a scene of Wang Leehom performing in his mini concert (fyi,his role in the film is also a singer),you couldn't imagine what happen next.The bunch of fans singing behind.Hello,please behave,you're in a theater but not a karaoke room.OMG.

Lastly,when come a scene of Wang Leehom kissing Liu Yifei,the bunch of fans wtfomgiwannadie behind.Hmmm,speechless me.

Overall,storyline normal,but I love their motifs.They successfully bring out and reach their motifs.

p/s: Wang Leehom freaking handsome ar!!!


Go away you this drama queen!

Stop acting and disguise!Your action and attitude made people feel disgust.

Imma sick and tired to your drama and acting.Didn't you feel tired of being a drama queen?You have to live with a mask cover-up,it's so pathetic.

It's so ridiculous and funny that you did everything to backstab us,and congrates your intention was succeed,now you're the queen and we're the bullshits.But who cares?Get a life girl,get a life.

Do you really have a true friend?Nope,you don't even have one.

I treat you as my friend,but what had I get as my return?I get nothing,but a backstabber friend that is you.

Finally,we all know what's your specialty,you willing to waste your breathe and energy to brainwash and psycho people,so that eventually you are an angel.Yea,we're the devils.That's what you hope to be right?

It's ok,time will prove everything.

I don't want to waste my energy to angry what you did to me,anymore.Because I have my own life to live.

p/s: just wanna release my madness

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jimmy and Shian's Birthday Pool Party

Continue....from the previous post.

As I mentioned we moved to Damansara Perdana after the screening.A surprise BBQ birthday party for Jimmy and also Shian.

Bad weather that day,raining non stop,but the surprise success!Since it keep raining,why not we jump into the pool.Exclude me coz am not really swim actually,in fact I don't even know how to swim.Apparently,am noob in sport.Everybody knows.

changing~beach wear

sui la~

best pichaa of the day

I look stupid here


waiting to surprise someone and somebody

and finally,SURPRISE!

two birthday boiis and their beloved

the always bimboloves

the boobs mug

Once again,to Jimmy and Shian

Happy Birthday dudes!!!

Graduation Screening Ceremony

This blog has been abandoned by its heartless owner for quite a long time.And now,the heartless owner decided to turn it back to alive.

Year 3 Sem 2 almost come to an end,and final exam coming next week.But I still not yet start to do my revision,even never touch any of my notes,yea am lazy.Cannot cannot cannot!!! Is time to start my revision!!!

Good news! Glad to know that our documentary The Forgotten History and our MCP Facts Vault get the golden number one! Ze Uno!

Utar Broadcasting'08 Jan intake Graduation Screening Ceremony fell on last Saturday,and it was the best screening ever.It rocks everybody's heart.What I can say is,AWESOME! The hard works of us this whole three years,the reflection,and DC's birthday clip.It made tears flow~

The ushers

Our photographer Jimmy

Don't ever think to steal my foods,bad boy

Maa is giving speech

Bungkus balik^^

After the screening,we adjourned to Damansara Perdana for our next round.Jimmy and Shian's birthday pool party.Next post~