Monday, November 23, 2009

A boo's bash

Haha Maa you know what is Boo's bash right?Teehee.

First of all,allow me to say that,damn it MCB sei sxhai police,fart you!!!I just paid a summons last week but I also received a new,hot and fresh summons this afternoon.Sei sxhai why the F you came and summon our cars in rainy day???

I've been away from the internet for couple days,coz I'm sick again...sigh>.<

See,even tho I was sick but I still went to uni for assignment discussion *a hem* *asheh* I own a high forehead,ish.

Okay,let's talk about my previous Friday and weekend routine.

20-11-2009 Friday

Guess what,I watched 2 movies in a day.But not movie marathon,is one in the noon time and another at the midnight.

Went to Tropicana to catch a movie with Maa+Mark+Adrian+BabeJ after finish our Public Speaking class and we decided to skip the pregnant bi*tch's class.And we watched A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey)

A screenplay that based on the novel by Charles Dickens.Starring by Jim Carrey in multiple roles,totally awesome.It is a 3D animated feature but we watched the normal version.Feeling wanna celebrate christmas now so desperately after watched it.A nice,touching and joyful movie.But Adrian fell asleep for a little while in the theater though,he used to it and we also used to see it.LOL.A Christmas Carol,thumbs up!!!An excellent one.

At the same day,went to MidValley with Ernest+Jasone+Bong G+BabeJ to watch 2012.Poor Ernest rushed to MidValley after he finish class that day to buy the movie tickets.He called me after he bought the tickets,he queued for few hours just to buy the 2012 movie tickets.Thanks a lotsa^^ But we watched the last show of the day which is 12.45am show,kinda "early".

All the peoples are crazy to this movie.We were warned???Is it warn that we must watch this movie har???

Since the show at 12.45am,so we went to SS2 to eat dessert again before headed to MidValley.And this time we went both of the dessert restaurants,记得吃 and 甜品哥哥.That Ernest was so craving for durian pancake and Jasone was so craving for the mango cheong fun.They said 初恋的感觉 after ate these.WTF

After reached MidValley,can saw a flow of peoples waiting outside the cinema.So we decided to play bowling instead of just standing and waiting there.

Let me introduce the players,
Bou aka Jasone
Bet aka Ernest
Be aka Boey means me
Pj aka Peejay means my babeJ

Zu aka Bong G

I know I'm kinda noob in bowling,as you guys can see the score above,me get zero at the first two round,everybody laughed on me,I can saw that my zero score really can laughed their arse off,but never mind,please proceeds to round 7,and you can see that I'm not the last place,is that Ernest Bet!!!Haha noobie!!!Laugh la laugh more wo...And due to we hafta went to movie at 12.45am so we stop the game at round 7.

That's all my Friday.

Saturday and Sunday-In SICK condition

p/s:Yay!!!Done our demonstrative speech today!!!Rubik's Cube,I totally love on you^^

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rubik's Cube

I wanna let myself fall in love with you...Rubik's cube!!!

I wanna let myself totally love on you...till I master it!!!

I wanna fully spend my time with you...before I master it!!!

I wanna mess it and start from this
Solve become like this

Oh my darling...let me in love with you!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The journeys

Last night had a yam cha session with the useless-stick gangs at oldtown.As usual,drinking,chatting with them.Really such a long time never meet with Hem,and finally he came out to the yam cha session last night.Discussed about the next round after yam cha with them,we decided to catch a movie,2012.BabeJ tried to make tickets booking but all fulled.So we made the decision headed to Gardens and try our luck.

In Gardens Signature,2012--SOLD OUT

So 5 of us headed to MidValley GSC.

Counter girl:"Fulled"
Me:"How bout Poker King?"
Counter girl:"Also fulled,1 seat left"
Me:"OMG...Time Traveler's Wife?"
Counter girl:"Fulled,also 1 seat left"
BabeJ:"Then how bout Phobia 2?"
Counter girl:"Also fulled,1 seat left"
Me:"So which movie is available now?"
Counter girl:"All the movies are fulled except Malay movie"
Me:"Means Pisau Cukur?"
Bet,Bou,Bong G:"Then byebye"

OMG...all the movies FULLED.5 of us si beh down...

So I suggested go to SS2 and eat dessert.Bou is so craving for dessert and of course he was the 1st person who buy my suggestion.At 1st we went to 记得吃 but almost of their desserts are sold out so we changed to 甜品哥哥.

It was my 1st time went to 甜品哥哥.Their menu is more variety than 记得吃 but also more expensive than 记得吃.Since we never try 甜品哥哥 before so we decided to have a try there.


My 马蹄西米露

BabeJ's 花生糊+汤圆

Bou's 芝麻糊+豆腐花

Bong G's 杏仁糊+绿豆沙+莲子

Bet's 芝麻糊+汤圆




The night is still young...Since we haven feel the back home mood,so we discussed for the 3rd round.KL 1 night trip!!!Hang around at the KL area till 2am,we back home after that.

The journeys of last night
Serdang yam cha@oldtown-->Gardens Signature no tickets-->Midvalley GSC no tickets-->SS2 记得吃 desserts sold out-->Dessert@甜品哥哥 SS2-->KL area-->Serdang-->Home sweet home

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a day

Multimedia Broadcasting midterm yesterday,but I was never get prepare and study due to my persuasive speech on the same day too.I was prepared on my persuasive speech and ignored the Multimedia Broadcasting.And yesterday,I had finally done my persuasive speech.Yay!!!

But,never study and even never touch a piece of MB notes paper,how I able and manage to answer the midterm questions???The best way a copy cat!!!Wakaka XD

The lecturer and many of us also called her as pregnant bi*tch,since she's pregnant now and wouldn't walk around,so we decided sit at the last row and convenient to let us being a copy cat.

Damn...I copied all man!!!Me and Helen straight away took out our notes and copied all.How terrible am I...and also the others,almost whole class I think.LOL.

See,Lim Yufie was so happy while copying my answers

We copied and passing around our answer papers to the others.Copy and passing around still not enough?We used technology,text peoples the answers too *thumbs up*

BabeJ came and picked me from uni after class yesterday.And I was fooling around and camwhoring inside the car.I was so bored!!!

All these pics I'm trying to cover my face coz no make up,very natural look me *ahem*

This fugly enough

Lubb lubb

Get flu yesterday,suffering!!!Hate flu plus running nose very badly,really killing me,coz I can't breath normally thru my nose but I have to breath thru my mouth.Sob *ha 7*

Ate flu medicine after bathe.And watched HK latest hitz TV series---宫心计

BabeJ bought me my fav junk food---Pringles

Ended up my yesterday.

Mark 22nd Birthday

Yesterday was Mark's 22nd birthday,had a surprise countdown party on Thursday night for his 22nd birthday celebration at 91.Maa was the big planner and organizer*big applause*

Wanna give Mark a surprise,but we waited him in front 91 from no rain to rain then back again to no rain,he and Lance finally reach 91.LOL.

Maa was so care about this barbeque party.She started to plan and prepare few days ago.She really put many efforts to organize this birthday party.Sweet a gf showing her love to her beloved one,this is it.

The banner

The planner and also the organizer(what she trying to do?)

The art director---Dorcas

Bear and Dorcas

The foods

D.I.Y party crown(just for the King of the day--Mark)

The cake (Mark's fav football team--He's the only Liverpool supporter among the gangs)

Had a simple but happy birthday party that night.

Last but not least,once again

Happy 22nd Birthday Maruku!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Still remember my noob post?

Now,I found my noob partner,another noob fellow.

Ta-daa...the fellow is my beloved babeJ!!!

Noob story begin...

BabeJ fetched me from uni right after I finish class yesterday.He accom me went to JPJ for my driving license renewal.Right after we reached JPJ,he took out his driving license and asked me a question,
"Bei ar,what month is it now?"
"November lo,why?"
He showed me his driving license,OMG...

Sorry picture was so blur coz using cheap-plug phone.

Expiry date-24/9/2009

I was illegal driving for one week time without realize my driving license had expired,babeJ more terrible,was illegal driving for one month time.Same case with me,without realize that driving license had expired.Big applause to us guys!!!

So,we renew our driving license at the same time yesterday.

Noob story end...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jasone 21st Bday Round 2

After round 1,there sure have a round 2.And Jasone 21st birthday round 2 we went up to Genting the city of entertainment last Saturday.Had a 2D 1N trips.12 of us,3 cars going up.

Day 1

Fulfill our empty stomach before went up.Yea,their favorite 大炒 as dinner again,luckily Bet wasn't join us for dinner so no more 咕噜肉 on the table.LOL.Why the F he so like to eat 咕噜肉 and must order it when every time dinner,I'm wondering that.

Heading to our destination Genting after dinner.Raining while the whole way to Genting and we reached there around 11pm.After checked in and put down our stuffs,come on and let's have FUN!!!But something was happened in the First World Hotel parking,Rico's 6o88 tyre puncture.

They're changing tyre

The planner and also the birthday boy wanna have club activity,his clubbing mood will never end even though up to Genting.So the rest of us followed his need.Honey and Wyman came and meet us,happy to see you my honey^^.Totally not an enjoyable club night,this is the suxx-est club night that i ever had.The bad club night i have experienced.Safari is suxx as what my honey said.Wai Keat and Andy get tipsy after drank few glasses of liquor.Wai Keat was puked,4times some more.

@Safari toilet

Haha!!!We are all turned 21st!!!Can go casino!!!But poor Yenn still a small kids he just can wait us outside casino.No cash no money to gamble so we just hang around there.But our two big jerks Mr.Wong and Mr.Liew have been gambling away all night.Guess what,they gambled away around 3k in a night.Two jerks spent 3k for gambling and lose all,a night 3k gone.This is so call retarded and jerky.Not my money though.LOL

Since the two big boss stay at casino so the rest of us chilling at Starbucks.Have a relaxation chatting and to sip hot drinks since the cold weather there.I like the vanilla milk that I ordered.Feel comfort to sip a hot drinks in a cold weather,that's pretty good.

I look pale

KFC as supper

Wai Keat so blur and tipsy

Day 1 last station,we back room at 5am and sleep.Sleep is always the best activity in my life.Recharge battery.Ended up Genting day 1.

Playing around in the room

Day 2

Woke up at 10am,and a long queue had formed outside the toilet.LOL

Bet is learning MJ's dance(he's weird in this pose)

They take my scarf and playing around

I'm a CEO's son he said

Ain't my scarf playable?


The restaurant that their price not much different compare to KL branches.So we decided to take our breki at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

The group of jerks went to casino again after breki but few of us not following.The remaining dallied in the Genting compound.Get free charity concert entrance tickets,the concert at Arena of Star but we did not know any of a singer amongst.However we went there and take a look.One of the singer was so syok sendiri on the stage.Just a few audiences.We left after stay a while at there.

Empty seats

Received their call and all of us went back to hotel room.What next?Gambling obviously.Played 21 point and poker,babeJ and I no win but no lose too.Found that there have many actor kings among the gangs.LOL.Poor Andy and poor Jasone,suddenly own a new nickname,终极鱼腩and终极水鱼,created by Rico,just because they always get cheated by Rico while gambling and lose money.Freaking innocent.

Gambled till 7pm,pack our own stuffs and left.Checked out and went back to KL.Andy's very high tech driving skill really make me wanna puke my instant cup noodle lunch out.Felt so dizzy during the whole way we came down from mountain.Headed to Kepong for our dinner.BabeJ puked once we reached the restaurant,poor him.Kong,your driving skill really very hyper=.=

Next,went back our own house.Andy fetched Moon back to Setiawangsa 1st before send me and babeJ back my house.Thanks Kong coz being our driver this two days.Of course thanks also to the another two drivers Rico and Yenn.Ended up the Genting 2D 1N trip with full of laughter.

Haha,msn-ing while blogging with Andy just now.See our conversation below:

Bo_eY says:
u r zhung gik yu lam
gik how to write?
[c=48][ŋĐ] a.k.a Andy[/c] says:
zhung lei sei yan tau= =
freaking mou gu
wat gik?
Bo_eY says:
zhung gik geh gik
[c=48][ŋĐ] a.k.a Andy[/c] says:
sumore wan I teach u hw to write

Bo_eY says:
yu lam
[c=48][ŋĐ] a.k.a Andy[/c] says: