Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday ended

Holiday is fun,works is always sucks.Tell me,who doesn't love holiday?

Had a sweet lovely albeit short getaway with my precious ladies.I always love spending time with my ladies all,they make me feel like am their little princess baby when everytime together.We not meeting each other often,but once we meet we'll have tonnes to chat about.Everyone of us having our own circle of lifestyle,but glad that we can still maintain our sisterhood and we always reserve an important place for each other.They're the few who can make me feel comfortable with when sticking together,its like youbeingyou when in front of them,you can fart can dig your nose can undressed this is called SISTAlove!

Well,cut the crap and let photos tell the story.

 Thailand coconut shake,mad lurve!

 Thai trip must do activity - Ma-sa-ji

 An evening swim (technically soak) in the hotel pool

 Party in the tuk-tuk shall we?

 This is life~

 W my honey.We know each other like about....18 years.Alway love her much

It's always nice to meet new friends at the new place.We met a bunch of awesome Italiano during our island hopping trip.We had a very spontaneous drinking date at the night itself too.

End with my trip post with the nice arse of ours.Vain!

Had a minor accident during the trip,my left feet was stung by sea urchin and it leads me to aching especially walking.I've tried to peel it outta my skin with using needle and nail cutter but hell no the spine was stubbornly stuck inside it was really killing me.I was thought that I can totally DIY but eventually I forced to seek doctor consultation.Suffer from having two injections and a minor operation,thanks god my feet is finally relieved.

My beautiful feet

Time flies,2013 soon comes to an end.Flash back one by one,there is hell lotsa happy and unhappy things happened throughout the year.Hope 2014 is the year I really want,finger crossed.Im growing older again,sigh.

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